Next Generation iPad 3 Displays Will Not Come From South Korea
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Dec 4, 2011

Next Generation iPad 3 Displays Will Not Come From South Korea

The upcoming iPad 3 is going to have a super nice screen but it looks like Samsung will not be the creator of it. The land of the rising sun will be manufacturing the most important part of the iPad 3. The bad blood rising between Samsung and Apple is the assumed reason why.

Apple has big plans for their uber-popular tablet. At the same time, Samsung is making large strides in display technology. It does not appear to be a good mix. The lawsuits have been flying faster than insults at a comedian's conference. The future display for the iPad 3 is going to be amazing. If you liked the three and a half inch retina screen of the iphone 4, you are going to love the immense clarity of the iPad 3. This will be ten ( 9.7 ) inches of first class digital real estate.

It will not be created with Samsung. The Sharp company from Osaka, Japan was chosen for the task.
Sharp and Apple Are Working Together
The constant quibbling of the Samsung and Apple companies over who was copying whom has been front page mobile news. Some places see Samsung prohibited from selling its tablets, thanks to Apple. But Apple and the Sharp company do not have such problems. Confirmation that Sharp was going to be the manufacturer of the iPad 3 display was given last week. Apple and Sharp have been working together to make a display that is even thinner than current models. The group at Sharp have been busy building their new Kameyama plant just for LCD screen technology. It will help satiate the growing global desire for LCD screens and the iPad 3 is included.

The iPad 3 Screen Has Good Credentials
The new resolution of the iPad 3 is going to be four times better than the iPad 2. The first and second iPads have a screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. The iPad 3 will have 2048 by 1536 pixels of power. This will use something called "IGZO" technology that was developed by Sharp. This is going to make the Apple tablet the visually sharpest tablet available, no pun intended. The only negative downside will be that many programs that currently run on the older iPads will not look the same on an iPad 3 screen. Perhaps someone will create an app for that. Look for the new Foxconn plant in Brazil to provide other parts as well for the iPad 3.

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