The Most Realistic Racing Simulation Experiences
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Dec 20, 2011

The Most Realistic Racing Simulation Experiences

Most of us will never get to drive round the streets of London or Monte Carlo in a Ferrari or Lamborghini - unfortunately! So what’s the next best thing? Play in the comfort of your own armchair, but feel like you are driving round Silverstone or the Nurburgring. And because in driving games and simulators, it doesn’t matter how many times you crash, you can play again and again. Here is a great guide to some of the most realistic racing simulation experiences.

Gran Turismo 5

The Grand Turismo 5 (GT5) game for Playstation 3 is thought by gamers to be the racing game with the best graphics. With over 1000 cars and 71 different tracks such as Dunsford Park, the Top Gear test track, players are also able to play in nighttime conditions. There are some visual effects used in GT5 that have not been used before such as dust, headlight flashing and skid marks.

F1 Grand Prix Experience

Starting in a Formula Ford FF1600 then upgrading to a modern Formula 1 car, the F1 Grand Prix Simulator Race Experience allows you 20 minutes of practice to master the handling and cornering of the car and then you are on the grid for your practise lap. This time then determines your place on the grid after which you will race against other drivers and points are awarded. Finish within the top 3 and you will be presented with a trophy!

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit

With a BAFTA to its name, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit allows the player to become either the police or the racer and be involved in police chases described as “a dog chasing down a rabbit”. The game also features Autolog, which allows players to connect with each other like social networking and compete against each other and be listed in the driver’s table. On its release, Tom Orry of Video Gamer described the graphics as "almost flawless".

F1 2011

With the updated KERS and DRS features added for the 2011 season, F1 2011 puts you at the heart of the formula 1 season. With all 12 teams, 21 drivers and 19 tracks, the game also features the safety car which was absent from F1 2010 and also Pirelli Tyres. However despite initially receiving high praise for its graphics and handling, reviewers surmised that the game was essentially the same as the previous game.

Dirt 3

From the Colin McRae series, Dirt 3 is described by as the best rally racing game on the market. Players can play in a hardcore mode where only a cockpit view is available and there are also various party modes where you have to capture the flag or spread a zombie infection!

Forza Motorsport 4

Playable on the wireless X Box Kinect, Forza Motorsport 4, will have car lovers in their element with the amazing selection of cars and the stunning visual effects. It has taken a few tips from the movies with stylish camera effects, which compliments the 60 frames per second to create a realistic motoring experience. Described by The Telegraph as “simply the most enjoyable racing sim played”, Forza Motorsport 4 is completely different to any other racing sim out there.
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