Ever Thought Of Giving Up TV?
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Dec 6, 2011

Ever Thought Of Giving Up TV?

Too much TV watching will not turn your eyes square, regardless of what your Gran says. However, she might not be so far from the mark when it comes to the downbeat effect that TV can have on you. While it certainly won't change the shape of your pretty peepers, it is worth considering how not watching TV could improve your well being - mind, body and soul.

It might be considered eccentric, but at least on an anecdotal level people who give up TV completely claim that their lives are greatly improved. This may very well be the case, and maybe you're beginning to think that actually you could get by without the box in the corner. Ok, maybe not a complete black out, but you could certainly reduce your intake. Sound interesting? Here are some things to consider that may sway your decision.

Commercial Overload

The average TV owner watches about four hours of shows a day. Ok, maybe they don't watch it per se, but the TV is on for that amount of time. Based on the fact that about a third of this is commercials, you're exposing yourself to a considerable amount of advertising.
Out of your day this is a considerable amount to be giving up to people trying to sell you things. It's not like you'd spend this amount of time everyday in conversation with a sales representative. That is of course not an entirely accurate comparison, but it's not far off. The TV commercial is all about appealing to your subconscious, planting the seed of brand recognition. So when the time comes to purchase a pair of sneakers, a dishwasher or even a car, you've already developed an emotional connection to certain companies. You can of course view this as helpful, but others might use words such as 'corporate' and 'brainwashing'. I'm just saying...

TV Is A Drug

Actually TV isn't a drug that was a bit over-dramatic. It is addictive though. Think about your own watching habits. Turning on the TV is habitual, how often do you actually turn it on with a specific programme you want to watch in mind? Not all that often. But while TV probably isn't as harmful as the more well known vices, it does have a negative effect.
Essentially TV is getting your brain to release endorphins. You're thinking that's a good thing, right? Not really is the answer. Watching TV is easy and therefore the endorphin release becomes a regular occurrence and its effect nullified. This is the basis of any addiction. And this negative effect is further compounded by the problem that you're sat, crashed out on the couch. It has been said before, but exercise really is a good alternative.

Yes, Four Hours!

Even if you only watch half of the four hour average, you're still giving over a considerable amount of your life to the TV. You could even call it self-deprivation; it's stopping you doing other things. TV isn't the devil living in your lounge, there is good stuff out there, but is it as good as pursuing your passions. There is a saying that doing something is better than doing nothing. Watching TV can be considered doing nothing.
Try making a note of what TV shows you actually want to watch and see if you can get them online. You should be able to. This way you can not only cut down massively on the amount of TV you watch, but you can also watch only what you really want to. And with all that spare time why not take up the French horn, just like you always wanted to?
Would you give it a try? It's worth considering. After all, there's a whole world away from the screen waiting for you...

Author Bio: David James writes on media and pop culture issues for Find Me A Gift, specialists in novelty gifts for men and funny gifts for women for any occasion.