Advertising with Posters in a Digital World
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Dec 16, 2011

Advertising with Posters in a Digital World

The world may be going digital, but the classics remain. Even in a time when more people than ever have computers and access to the internet a poster can be an extremely effective advertising or campaigning tool. People can easily be overwhelmed with the number of pop-up advertisements, junk mail in their e-mail account and other forms of electronic advertising - but a well designed poster might be the way to get their attention.

A poster is a work of art, not just a piece of paper with writing or a picture. They can become collectibles as an example of the past or just appreciated for their design while simultaneously promoting a product or service to people. The right use of colors, fonts and images can stick in a person’s mind and is not seen as the nuisance of online pop-up advertisements. Posters should not be seen as outdated or old-fashioned, but as a refreshing alternative to electronic advertisements that are authentic and real.

Posters also help companies reach a wider client base than online methods. For all the people with internet access and computers there are others that either have not embraced the digital revolution or simply do not like to use computers. A poster will be seen by hundreds, thousands or even millions depending on its placement and distribution. For companies seeking to expand their client base, posters are a must. The same poster can also be seen by the same person many times within a week on their daily commute, and by a different person across the country walking by it. Essentially, posters were the original viral advertising campaign.

The design of the poster is crucial if it is to be effective. It cannot have flashing images or special effects like an online campaign, so it relies on the design to be memorable. An interesting poster can make people stop and look at it and think about it, even after they are no longer looking at it. Unique advertisements do not have to be glossy or glittery to gain attention, a simple and minimalistic two-tone poster can grab attention, or just words in vintage lettering on a plain background. Alternatively, bright colors and a myriad of designs can keep people looking at the poster and make it more memorable.

Advertising with posters does not mean leaving the digital world behind. A poster can include the contact information for a company along with the website, as well as a quick response (QR) code to direct people to online services. A code for a discount or special service can be provided to entice the audience to visit the website immediately on their smartphone or tablet, or at their leisure at home.

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