8 Most Annoying Types of Video Game Characters
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Dec 13, 2011

8 Most Annoying Types of Video Game Characters

Like a bad hair coloring job, annoying video game character types seem to become more irritating as gameplay time goes by.
The difference is that these characters don't fade. Instead, they just linger in the collective memory, occasionally rising to the surface to taunt you another time. Following are eight types, some of whose image and likeness are probably burned into your brain.

1. The "you don't know how to use a computer" character type.

Here the problem isn't the character so much as the game engineers, who include more on-screen instructions on how to handle the character that it becomes annoying to even think about playing that game. Don't these people know that instructions were included with the game for those who require this resource?

2. The "always expert" hit man.

These characters seemingly never make a mistake, and know everything as they slash and jump their way to easy victory. It seems they're designed with 3 times the skillset, or power level, of any other person making an appearance on the screen. Even James Bond struggled sometimes!

3. The gun laden macho stud.

Let's face it, guns are needed to handle the bad guys, that's for sure, but does any character really need enough firepower to singlehandedly rob every bank in the state? And what's with the cigar chomping along the way? Few people want to associate with Peter Parker's annoying boss at the Daily Planet.

4. The female character who wears beach wear in all seasons, i.e. the scantily clad heroine.

While these digital ladies add a bit of spice to male dominated on-screen games, it seems as if they dressed with a suntan in mind, not chopping and ducking during enemy combat.

5. The weasely boss.

With at least two bodyguards present at all times, this character seems designed to appear so weak that he would fall over if he didn't have two bodies to lean against at any point in time. That, and he's a back stabbing fool who will always break his promises.

6. The v-shaped brute.

This guy's waist is smaller than most women's, but the rest of his torso has been receptive to all the gym workouts he's ever done - it spreads expansively across the screen. When the character blows out doorways just by walking through them, it's time to lift a few less weights. That, or have the option to turn a bit sideways!

7. The permanently bubbly.

If gamers wanted 24/7 cheer, they'd watch sitcoms instead. Life has ups and downs, but these annoying characters haven't had a Prozac free moment since their inception.

8. The predictable opponent.

This combatant's skills never improve, nor change. Fighting an opponent who only ever throws one punch with one hand gets a little predictable. Your enemy's skills and powers should change enough to keep you on guard, such as what happens with the creeps while playing Tower Defense.
They may be stereotypes, but the above character types could at least have some personal flair. The weasely boss who does charity work? Nah! But a few less guns in the arsenal for blow-it-up man could force him to aim more carefully before he shoots.

Author Bio: Jessy is an entertainment blogger for Dobovo, the geek-friendly resource of Kiev apartments (in case you are planning to visit Europe any time soon!)

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