5 of the Best International Science Events in the World
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Dec 21, 2011

5 of the Best International Science Events in the World

In Edinburgh we have a number of visitors who join us every year to attend our very own Science Festival, seeking hotels in Edinburgh city centre during their stay and this is always an exciting time for the city.

For rich educational experiences and the chance to learn cutting edge theories and the latest thinking in the field of science, nothing beats a live science event. They are packed with leading speakers, interactive events and plenty to occupy and engage enquiring minds!

The Edinburgh International Science Festival is held by an educational charity that aims to inspire people from different backgrounds and of all ages, to discover and learn about the world. The annual festival is, in fact, the world's first live celebration of technology and science and still noted as being one of the largest science fairs in Europe.
Also in the UK is the British Science Festival, which this year was in Bradford. Every September it visits a different city to host a celebration of technology, science and engineering. This includes exhibitions, science shows, workshops, expert lectures and discussions and even science-based drama. There are 250 events, activities and exhibitions to choose from and the programme is ideal for everyone, from family groups to professionals.
For something a little lower key, but no less fascinating, why not attend one of the events at London's HSS Observatory in Hampstead? It's generally open from the middle of September to April, but specific dates vary according to visibility and positioning of the planets. Other events such as eclipses and bright comets also warrant an opening! It's well worth a visit and enthusiasts don't need to book. Although it's a small observatory, it's one of the only observatories in London that offers viewing to the public and there are some great talks and workshops relating to astronomy and cosmology.
If you're of a mind to travel, the inaugural Seattle Science Fair in June 2012 will be well worth a visit too. Marking the fiftieth anniversary of the city's World's Fair in 1962, the event will bring together a wealth of exhibitors, thinkers, universities and businesses to collaborate, share and entertain the audience, showcasing the best in scientific developments and technology in the region.
New York
Also, if you can wangle a trip to NYC, the Rochester Museum and Science Center is not to be missed. It's a thirteen-acre campus made up of science centre and museum, with three floors of interactive technology and science exhibits, along with specific areas for regional cultural heritage and national science. The collections have amassed over 1.2 million objects of interest and there's a planetarium too with the incredible Challenger Learner Center and amazing Eisenhart Auditorium, which frequently hosts guest speakers, lectures and conferences. Keep an eye on the museum's website for the latest fixtures and events that are bound to not disappoint!

Of course, these are just a tiny selection of the huge range of science events offered both in the UK and beyond and with the advent of real-time content streaming via the internet, there's no need to miss out even if you can't be there in person! Most events will offer post-occasion features such as web conferences and video and interactive online content, so you can still experience the best of the event from your home.

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