5 Heartwarming Dog Movies
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Dec 27, 2011

5 Heartwarming Dog Movies

Nothing beats the relationship between man and his dog. It’s a devoted bond between these two that can warm any heart and even bring a tear to the toughest guy’s eyes. From the first moment man and dog meet until the time has come to an end for one of them, the relationship is filled with love, joy, laughter and total dependence. If you are missing your furry friend or want to cuddle up and watch a great movie starring a furry friend we have picked out five great movie features that you will sure to love – all about the beautiful friendship bond with dogs.

Turner & Hooch
This hilarious, suspense thriller will keep you on the edge of your seat, while clutching your side from the funny scenes involving Tom Hanks and the lovable French mastiff, Hooch. Hanks is a police detective investigating a murder who takes on the care-giver role for Hooch after his owner is killed. Watching the neat-freak detective learn to live with Hooch, who is anything but neat, will keep you chuckling. Hooch soon wins Hanks over and they become inseparable as they crack the murder case.
Fox and the Hound
This animated classic was dreamed up by Walt Disney Studios back in 1981. The film surrounds the relationship between two young animals, Tod a fox and Copper a hound dog. The movie begins when a woman decides to care for Tod after his mother is killed by a hunter. As a mischievous young fox, Tod becomes friends with Copper. Through their many adventures they quickly become the best of friends. However, as time has its way, they grow a part and Copper turns into a hunting dog and their friendship becomes endangered as Copper begins hunting for a fox, who just happens to be his old best friend Tod.
Marley & Me
Marley & Me is a comedy/drama film delves into the relationship and struggles that come with getting a puppy. After the wedding of John and Jennifer Grogan, John gives his new wife a lovable Labrador Retriever puppy in hopes of stalling her desires for a baby. They both soon realize how much work a new puppy is, especially as Marley grows into a 100 pound dog, while still holding on to the puppy mentality. You will be laughing as they learn how to train this unruly dog, and your heart will be warmed as you watch their relationship grow with Marley. Warning, there will be tears as the Grogan family will have to face some very hard, real-life issues with Marley as he ages.
This movie is a child favorite, starring a lovable 185 pound St. Bernard who walks into a family’s life. The family soon adopts the slobbery dog named Beethoven, although the dad is not happy about the situation, the children become quickly attached. The movie is action packed with a vet and dog catcher who is after Beethoven and eventually dad is the only one who can save the day for this St. Bernard.
Eight Below
Eight Below is a story of survival and the love that bonds man and dog together. Taking place in the wilderness of Antarctica, a sled dog trainer must leave his dogs due to a treacherous storm. While he tries to leave his dogs in a safe place, so he can rescue them after the storm is passes, these beautiful Siberian Huskies and Malamutes must learn to survive the bitter cold and the wildness of Antarctica, while the sled dog trainer gets sponsorship to rescue his beloved dogs.

Dr. Susan Wright is a practicing veterinarian of more than ten years. Dr. Wright is the invisible fence alternatives expert for Dog Fence DIY and has authored numerous articles on domestic pets.