3D web surfing Technology With SurfCube
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Dec 5, 2011

3D web surfing Technology With SurfCube

For those who like something more lively in their smartphone, Kinabalu Innovation Limited is answering the call. They have created a 3D browser that bends and shows things that you might imagine from the "Magic Eight Ball" of days gone by.

Is The SurfCube Browser Better Than Internet Explorer?
The people at Kinabalu Innovation Limited have created the SurfCube 3D browser for Windows Phone 7 smartphones. This is fun to use, with its gyrating shapes and bouncing sides. The first thing you find out about this is that it looks good and can do some things even better than stock Internet Explorer. Some sites look better with the SurfCube browser than with the Microsoft browser.

This Browser Is Different
The SurfCube mobile 3D browser looks nothing like other mobile browsers. It can be swiped just like an app, with different "sides" of the 3D showing up temporarilty before rolling over to the side the user wants. It comes with some cool features that make it worth trying. The Kinabalu Innovation browser can run under a locked WP7 phone. This means the phone can be turned off and the first thing that pops up when the user turns it back on is the 3D browser. There is a bandwidth saver mode for those who are on "all you can eat" mobile plans. This means images can be turned off, which saves much of the loading time for web pages. There are other updates in the pipeline to make this browser even better than it is.

The SurfCube Browser Has A Better Idea
One of the best features of the SurfCube mobile 3D browser is that the controls are on one of the "sides" of the cubed browser. A quick swipe of the finger brings up the hidden  controls while regular viewing is not restricted during scrolling up and down a page. The acrobatic gyrations of the browser will take getting used to, but it is not unlike using any other smartphone app. It can be used in portrait or landscape mode for those who have larger displays. Speaking of that, the mode can be locked in portrait for those who like to look at the web while in the bed.

You Do Not Have To Pay To Play, At First.
You do not have to bring out the credit card to enjoy the SurfCube mobile 3D browser. It comes with a free trial for 20 uses before having to pay. If the user does decide to pay it is a modest $1.99. The browser is good at delivering web pages and is already in the Windows Phone Marketplace.

Author Bio: Karen Robinson is a freelance writer that loves to write on everything pertaining to the mobile industry. She also contributes to the site mobilephonedeals.co.uk where you can get some interesting comparison of the best mobile phone deals.

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