The November Moustache Revolution
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Nov 29, 2011

The November Moustache Revolution

Every year in the month of November, a mini face revolution takes place. You may or may not have noticed but around this time of year a new legion of moustache sporting men have been coming out of the woodwork. From grisly faces and teenage looking scuzzy top lips, new hair slugs have been cropping up on some surprising faces, prompting a strange look of pride as opposed to the bashful grimaces you might have expected.

This is all thanks to Movember which is (in case you haven’t worked it out) is a combination of the words ‘November’ and ‘moustache’. In 1999 in Adelaide Australia, a group started the event as a way of raising money for men’s health issues; in particular, prostate cancer, testicular cancer and depression. It became a registered charity in 2004 and has since been exported to almost a dozen new countries around the world.

How Can You Get Involved?

Basically all you have to do is to grow a moustache to show your support. But if you want to raise money, the best way is to register on the Movember website and set up a profile. You can use this to show pictures of your moustache’s progress and as a fundraising base you can direct sponsors to. They will be able to donate money using a secure server.

A great way to take part in Movember is as a team. If you can get a group of friends or work colleagues all interested then you can set up a team on the website. You can make it competitive and see who can raise the most money and grow the best moustache, or you can just all meet up at the end of the month at the sponsored Movember celebration events held in cities around the world.

What if You are a Girl?

If you can grow a moustache then now is the time to wear it proudly, if not, then you can show your support for the campaign by encouraging your Mo Bros in their efforts, by helping to spread the word and encouraging donations. There is also a great deal of merchandise available on the website such as moustache shaped cookie cutters, t-shirts, moustache combs, apps, posters, badges and more, with all the proceeds of course going to the charity fund.

How Much does the Campaign Raise?

Last year Movember raised an enormous £48 million globally, with £11.7 million coming from the UK, and since its official introduction in 2004 Movember has raised £106 million with more than 11 million men and women taking part. So get your hairdressing equipment out, sit in your hairdressing furniture and cultivate your face to raise ever more money for such a good cause.
Key Mo Bro Code: Every Mo Bro must conduct himself like a true country gentleman.

Author Bio: Hanson Black is a salon design expert. Every year he has men in his hairdressing furniture to discuss the finer points of moustache grooming.