The Nation's Most Popular Science Presenters
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Nov 15, 2011

The Nation's Most Popular Science Presenters

*Patrick Moore
Patrick Moore's waistband
Good ol' Patrick has become as much of a national institution as David Attenborough over the years, with a career that has seen him front 'The Sky At Night' on the BBC for 54 years AND be the face of 'GamesMaster' for a brief period in the early nineties. The ever-monocled astronomer is well known for his rapid talk and love of cricket, but it is his media profile and tireless work to raise the profile of astronomy in the UK that has made him a household name.

*Brian Cox

Brian Cox
Arguably no one has done more to popularise science, in particular physics, over recent years than Professor Brian Cox. With a bizarre career that has seen him play keyboards in a chart-topping band (D:Ream) only to then ditch the musician life and go to university to study physics, Cox has since gone on to front a number of BBC programmes as well as working at CERN on the Large Hadron Collider. Needless to say, Cox will be the face of science in the UK for many years to come with his laid-back, jargon-free style.

*Robert Winston

Professor Lord Robert Winston
Baron Winston is a modern day Renaissance man, holding posts as a medical doctor, scientist, politician and professor among other things. Not only that, but he has presented many popular science programmes for the BBC over the years, on topics such as human behaviour and the human body. One of the more popular programmes he has presented is 'Child of Our Time', an annual series which has been on-going since 2000 and follows up on the lives of 25 babies as they grow from childhood to adulthood, with the hope of answering questions of how our genes and environment interact to make us who we are.

*Michio Kaku

iGenius: Hogyan változtatta meg Steve Jobs a világot?
This theoretical physicist from America is obsessed with time travel and, like Britain's Brian Cox, has done a lot of work in the media to popularise science and explain it in a simple, no frills manner. As the co-founder of the string field theory, the professor has appeared in numerous TV shows for the BBC and Discovery Channel such as 'Time', 'Visions of the Future' and '2057' – a show which postulated on how much our world would change in the next fifty years. He's also done more than his fair share to earn respect from video game nerds too, having appeared on to discuss the science behind popular games such as Mass Effect.

*Alice Roberts

An anatomist and anthropologist, you may recognise Dr Roberts from her appearances on Coast as well as her own BBC programmes 'The Incredible Human Journey' - which supported the Out Of Africa theory and looked at the evidence of early human migration from Africa across the world – and 'Origins of Us', which examined how the human body has adapted over 7 million years of evolution. On top of her burgeoning media career, Dr Roberts also runs the anatomy course for trainee surgeons at the NHS Severn Deanery School of Surgery.

Author Bio: Rachel is a freelance science blogger with a background working on a science park. She's an avid viewer of science documentaries and a major fan of Professor Brian Cox.

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