Modern Team Building with Ancient Methods: The Power of the Drum Circle
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Nov 16, 2011

Modern Team Building with Ancient Methods: The Power of the Drum Circle

Corporations are continually seeking new and alternative ways to foster better communication and team building. The drum circle has long been a communal activity, and corporations around the globe are relying on the Djembe Drum to create better working relationships and an overall stronger work environment. By using these traditional tools, corporations are hoping to establish a clearer and brighter path to the future. This is a new and alternative technique. It is a forward-thinking approach to work, people-relations and better business.

Team building exercises have always been a part of the corporate framework. They are supposed to unite the workers and help people get to know each other. Many businesses employ icebreaker exercises when new employees are hired. These psychoanalytical tools are used to make people feel more comfortable with one another. They are employed to create successful bridges between cultures, races and genders. Corporate daytrips, bonuses and holiday parties have always been used as moral reinforcements. Corporate psychology is a science. New techniques to improve the workplace are always being adapted. However, one thing remains certain. If the workers are happy and on good terms with one another, then the productivity at the corporation increases.

Corporate drum circles are replacing staff outings and other incentives as a definitive way to increase team morale. The drum circle is a communal event. It is about a team of drummers working together to create a pattern of beautiful sounds. There is something primal and ritualistic about the act of drumming. It other words, drumming speaks to us. It moves and motivates us. The Djembe Drum, an ancient tool for communication and community building, is being used by office parks around the globe to enhance group dynamics.

A corporation is a community of workers. Good group dynamics, inspiration and motivation are essential if a business is going to be successful. The corporate drum circle not only fosters creativity, but also forces each individual to listen to the other members of the group. If the idea is to create a dynamic rhythm, then the team needs to learn how to work together. The techniques and concepts that take place during a drum circle can be adapted to the corporate boardroom. When big projects are on the table, people need to make decisions. They need to listen to each other in order to achieve a common goal. In other words, the same mechanism that exists in the drum circle is an integral part of corporations around the world. It is simply a matter of learning how to work together in a clear, efficient and more effective way.

Corporate drumming is an alternative idea. However, the same principals that exist in a community of drummers also exist in a corporation of workers. Focus, concentration, and risk taking are as much a part of a successful drum circle as a powerful office. If everyone is on the same page and working together, then not only will that Djembe Drum sound fantastic, but your company will excel.

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