LED TV- The Right Choice For Gamers
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Nov 15, 2011

LED TV- The Right Choice For Gamers

LED TV for the Gaming Community

Techradar.com states there are certain tweaks that make an LED TV the right choice for gamers. Light-emitting diode, or LED televisions, use lights placed directly behind or on the sides of the display screen to illuminate images. LED models have thin frames, giving them aesthetic appeal among consumers. They also use less power, making them an energy-efficient choice. These benefits come at a price, considering LED models cost substantially more than televisions equipped with traditional liquid crystal display, or LCD screens.

Why LED Sets Are Great For Gaming

  • LED sets produce sharp still images. Many sets now have 100 hertz (Hz) modes that keep swiftly moving images from blurring during gameplay.- Image retention, also referred to as screen burn, is not a common occurrence. When games are paused for prolong periods of time, LED owners do not have to worry about images becoming embedded on the screen.
  • Current models are capable of producing deep, rich black tones with sharp contrasts. This feature becomes super important during games that feature night or exceptionally dark scenes.

Negative Aspects Of LED For Gaming

  • According to CNET.com, side lit LED models can suffer from degraded picture quality. Images appear blurry if the set is placed too high, too low, or viewed at a side angle. White images can appear abnormally bright, while black images take on greyish tones.
  • Cost. LED is definitely not for people on a budget.Shopping For An LED TVThere are a variety of things to consider once a gamer decides to purchase an LED set:
  • Screen size. Techradar indicates that 32 inch screen sets are the most popular among residents of the United Kingdom. Televisions of this size do not overpower smaller rooms. 37 inch models are gaining in popularity; with many opting to place larger sets in a corner of the room for improved viewing.
  • Features. Attaching game consoles to a television can be daunting enough without having to purchase loads of additional equipment. Many sets are equipped with game modes that optimise the look and sound of game play. A set with multiple high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) ports ensures gamers receive the best audio and video quality from their consoles.


Electronics experts agree that LED TV optimises the gaming experience at a cost that is slightly higher than LCD sets, but significantly cheaper than plasma. Gamers should carefully research their options before making an investment. With LED televisions designed to last at least 100,000 hours, the wrong choice could be around for a really long time.

Author Bio: Joseph Tindell has a real enthusiasm for electronics and gaming and understands what a gamer requires from his or her led tv.

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