Interview with VidiotsChannel producer - John Seymour
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Nov 8, 2011

Interview with VidiotsChannel producer - John Seymour

What is VidiotsChannel all about? is a collection of video shorts by family/friends, video effects & stock footage available for free download at our website ( ,VidiotsChannel TV & Film Productions, including TIWF Wrestling and from time to time we take requests for effects. We also help out aspiring video creators and producers by promoting our friends and subcribers from YouTube on our website.

How long have you been making videos?
VidiotsChannel creator John Seymour was inspired by a trip to Universal Studios and created his first film at age 11. Since that time he has had formal training in filmaking, photography, fine arts & graphic design. Vidiotschannel first TV production was in 2006 for TIWF TV on E+TV6 in Jackson, TN under former production Company name "Blame it on Jon Productions". In 2010 "Blame it on Jon Productions" became "Vidiots Channel" and has created numerous TV Shows & TV Commercial spots which can be seen on their YouTube channel (

How many people are usually involved with making your videos?
Vidiotschannel is a small production company run by husband and wife team John & Angie Seymour and a network of local music & sound producers that include Independent music artist "J-Flow" & Brownsville, TN radio personality "Drew Magruder".

Do you have any camera fear?
Owner John Seymour also hosted TIWF Wrestling's first TV incarnation on E+TV6. John Seymour explains, "I kind of walked backwards into acting/hosting. I had created an interview for the TIWF TV Show in which I was an on scene reporter. Shortly after submitting the video, the TV Show producers asked me if I was interested in hosting the show. Even though I had a fear of public speaking, I accepted their gracious offer.
Looking back at those first few shows is almost unbearable for me. I was horrible. I totally lacked any real experience but the producers were patient with me and allowed me time to grow into character. About the time I began to feel comfortable in front of the camera they asked me to begin hosting live events. I knew this would be too much for my anxiety of public speaking but decided to brave it anyway. I was even more nervous than I anticipated. I was sweating, shaking and could not for the life of me even remember what I was supposed to say when it came time to make my entrance. Uncontrollably shaking I made my way to the stage. I wish I could say that everything went off smoothly but that was not the case. I flubbed my lines and I don't think I ever stopped shaking the entire time.

You'd think that would have ended it for me but the excitement of having lived through it was enough to keep me going. I never totally got over my "stage fright" in front of a camera or live audience. I still get nervous before almost every performance. However it does get easier to deal with and the after thrill (especially with a good performance) still lives on.

 My best advice to those who wish to perform in front of an audience, either live or recorded is not new by any means but it does work for me. Try to relax and have fun and speak as though you were talking with your best friend. Look towards, not at the camera or audience. See through them as if they were not there. Like anything, the more you practice the better you will get.

Have you tried any tricks for getting more Youtube views? 
On Video views: Promote, Promote, Promote! Don't wait for people to "luck" into viewing your videos. Very few videos seem to automatically get views. The best thing you can do is promote your channel & videos everywhere possible. Use your favorite social networks, blogs & message boards. "Subscribe" and "Friend" other YouTube channels. Post positive comments on videos and channels you like rather than using energy & time on those you don't. Don't let negative comments bring you down. Check to see if they actually have a valid point or some advice you can use to make your videos better. If not, don't waste your time responding the "trolls". Do respond to those who post video comments or share your videos. They took the time to let you know how they feel so take the time to let them know you appreciate it. You'll make a friend and a return viewer.

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