Graphic Design for Mobile Advertising
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Nov 18, 2011

Graphic Design for Mobile Advertising

Hidden deep in the dark underground, unearthed after thousands of years, lie ancient messages from those that came before us. The Lascaux Caves in Southern France contain drawings dated back to 1500 BC that were created by our Paleolithic ancestors. Even in primitive times, they understood and practiced the art of combining pictographs with symbols to connect not only with each other, but also with us. Jumping ahead over 3,500 years to recent times, like our ancient ancestors, we still rely on pictures and text to communicate information to those around us.

For those of us in business or marketing, the way we use this integration of images and words is a vital part of communicating our products or services to the public. Fortunately, our choices of accomplishing this have progressed past carving images into rocks and coloring them in with mashed berries. With the advancement of technology and the skilled art we know as graphic design, we see the incorporation of typography and images for advertising through business cards, flyers, or brochures. On a larger scale we view it as signs, banners, and billboards. These are all effective ways of using Graphic Design to successfully communicate our business to potential customers. However, with life quickly becoming faster paced, information needs to be delivered to the consumer quickly and preferably, on the go. The way to do this is by using graphic design for mobile advertising.

Mobile Advertising On average, a person may spend more than 800 hours a year in a vehicle. How much of that time is spent in traffic, nearly motionless? There are some that spend this idle time listening to the radio or books on tape, attempting to grab a bite to eat, chatting with other occupants in the car, or perhaps just daydreaming. What an opportune time to advertise! Imagine emerging from your car, approaching the other vehicles stopped in traffic and while handing out your business card or brochure, conversing with your fellow drivers the details of your business. Legally, it is frowned upon to leave your vehicle unattended, so why not have your car speak for you?
There are multiple ways of designing your mode of transportation to advertise for you. For those that want only minor additions to their vehicle, vinyl lettering is a good choice and can be applied to the windows or body of a car in a variety of sizes. Commonly, vinyl lettering is used to state the company name, phone number, and sometimes a company logo. The vinyl can be created in a variety of fonts and colors, which are made to withstand weather and can be self adhesive, which makes them easy to install yourself.
Another option for simple mobile advertising is vehicle magnets. These range in size, but can be designed to be more elaborate and include variety of colors along with crisper images and detailed information. Another positive note on magnets is they can be removed when not needed. If you don’t wish to advertise your flower shop to your son’s soccer group, then simply remove it and replace it later. You could also temporarily exchange them with different magnets that say “Go Team!”
If you desire your car to scream, “Look at me,” the best way to use graphic design to achieve increased observance of your mobile advertisement is through vehicle wraps or film. To start small, this can be done to only the rear or side windows, which is partially translucent as to not obstruct your view of the road. It also acts as a tint for your windows! You can evolve to a semi wrap that covers only the top or bottom half of your car and can look better than a new, professional paint job. When a vehicle is deemed a company vehicle, and every inch of available space can and will be used for advertising, having a complete vehicle wrap will make it evident that your car represents your business and can also help in disguising what used to be your old 1980’s clunker. Think of it as a glorified paint job that works for you.

From vinyl lettering to full vehicle wraps, Graphic Design for Mobile Advertising is the best way to incorporate typography and images to amplify advertising for your business while on the road. According to the American Trucking Association, when words and pictures are displayed on trucks, 91% of people notice them. You will have the opportunity to reach this 91% in any area that you choose to drive. The longer you are on the road, the longer your advertisement rolls within public view. This may finally give you a reason to look forward to the slow crawl of rush hour.

Author Bio: Kevin Harris is a freelance writer for Adobe. Adobe software, such as 3D design software, and services revolutionize how the world engages with ideas and information, anytime, anywhere, and through any medium.