Does Megan Fox Follow Astrology?
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Nov 26, 2011

Does Megan Fox Follow Astrology?

Transformers 2, Megan Fox & Shia LabeoufIt seems that nowadays, many celebrities are embracing astrology and other clairvoyant acts. For instance, it seems that Megan Fox is really, really interested in astrology.

It is not known whether Megan goes as far as to consult an astrologer when making big decisions, etc, but it does seem that she thoroughly enjoys talking about it. When in a conversation involving her career, she has been known to bring up astrology somewhere in the midst. Afterward, the conversation about astrology seems to become the main focus of the conversation, and has been known to go on for hours.

Megan Fox is certainly not the first, nor will be the last celebrity to be very interested in things of the occult. There have been reports of people from actors to US presidents consulting psychics and astrologers, or participating in tarot readings and medium readings. It is not unusual for people of all classes to be totally fascinated by psychic phenomenon of all kinds. And no wonder...when you look at the television and the movies these days, they are full of shows about vampires, witches and sorcerers. These shows alone can pique the interest of the people watching and arouse their curiosity. These programs can also awaken the imagination to the point of fantasizing about situations that are actually about scenarios of the dark, mysterious and occultic world.

It is not hard to see that over the years, vampires have become younger and sexier. Witches have become very sensual and desirable, and even demons have become mystical beings with sexual prowess. Anime has taken over the world of children's cartoons, and are very dark, mysterious and with strange powers, often using cards and weird creatures. Taking all of that into account, is it any wonder that the world has suddenly become more interested in the dark world of the occult? Not only on television and in the is also evident int the clothing that is worn today. Skulls and bloody daggers or pierced hearts have become the normal emblem being worn on shirts, jackets...even little girls' dresses.

"What's your sign?" has been a question that has been often asked, starting sometime in the 1960's. It picked up in popularity in the 70's and the earlier part of the 80's and kind of slowed down by the 90's. During the peak of astrology, some people even chose people to date according to the astrological signs, and would not date anyone with an "incompatible sign" from theirs. Still others, some of very strong influence, consulted an astrologer whenever they had to travel or make important decisions. Now, in the millennium, there seems to be an re-insurgence in the interest of astrology and astrological signs, as well as other types of psychic phenomenon.

Astrology, as a whole is fascinating. It really is fun to talk about signs and try to figure what similarities there are between you and your written sign. Usually, there actually are similarities that ring true. If Megan Fox is fascinated by astrology, she is certainly not unusual. No one mentioned anything about her seeking the advice of psychics or others clairvoyants, she may just have a healthy fascination with astrology. However, some go to the point of not making a move without psychic or astrological advice.

Author Bio: Audrey, psychics reader and clairvoyant from London.

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