The Cure For Your Common Day - By Jason Grant-Henriques
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Nov 6, 2011

The Cure For Your Common Day - By Jason Grant-Henriques

A TubeBlogger interview with Vibe Revelation Studios

What's your Channel and Company About?
"VIBE_REVELATION Studio(s) is a Brothers Grant-Henriques Entertainment & Production Company. Dedicated to creating fresh original content for the web. I run three channels for 3 specific genres of programming. (Comedy, Animation and Drama) "

How long have you been making videos?
I've been making videos for over 1 year now.

How many people are involved with your channels?
At the very least it is my camera, my brother and myself. Our ideas arise from a collaboration between us that we call "Sibling Rivals Inc" I specifically shoot direct, edit and produce all our content.

Do you have any fear of being on camera?
I have an extreme fear of being on camera and I wouldn't say that I've gotten over it just yet only learned how to ignore it. It gets easier each time. The only tip I have for the camera shy is to take a deep breath, smile and just let it happen. We are our worse critics especially when it comes to how we look on video, the trick is to silence that voice.

Have you tried any tricks for getting more views?
Originally I relied on my vision and content creation to get views however recently I tried to promote a contest for one of our animation web-series "The Brothers' Grant-Henriques" The user with the most comments on our episodes would get their very own animated character to guess star in the season 1 finale.

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