5 Media Jobs You Should Check Out
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Nov 17, 2011

5 Media Jobs You Should Check Out

The field of mass communications is a haven of rewarding careers. No wonder it can be such a competitive field. Aside from the good pay and the glamour, working in media also offers a lot of variety. As some professionals might say, no two days are the same. If you are keen on jobs in this area contact a media recruitment agency. They'll be able to help with your resume and interview technique along with picking the right employer for you.
Here are several jobs to consider when thinking of a career in media.

1. News Reporter
To all those "go-getters" out there, this just might be your calling. News reporters are people at the front lines of events, whether it is a local town hall meeting or a raging war overseas. They are the ones who are tireless in their pursuit of truth and facts.

It is true that some print newspapers are in decline, but the need for people who will inform the public of daily happenings will never disappear. News reporters are needed in every society that places value in transparency and fairness.

2. Television Anchor
Do you have an A+ personality? Can you report the news in a manner that catches attention? Television anchors, like news reporters, also have the duty to relay truthful news. But aside from that, they must also have a knack for conducting themselves well in front of audiences. In some ways, television anchors are like actors, too. They must not only learn the ropes of balanced reporting, but also how to deliver it.

The top TV anchors command a lot of pay, although it takes a lot of experience and patience to reach this level.

3. Photographers
Photographers are found in various fields of media. Some find themselves working with newspapers while some end up in commercial magazines. Either way, photographers must have the knack for telling stories visually. They must also be able to bring out the life of their subjects through their work in order to make it compelling for the public.
Photography takes a lot of technical expertise. Some may be self-taught, but it is also recommendable to take a few classes before trying this career. Many photographers also work on a freelance basis so it is not uncommon for them to spend upfront on some equipment.

4. Broadcast Technicians
Many jobs in media may not be visible to the public, but that doesn't mean they are any less important. One example of such profession

 is that of a broadcast technician. Some of them may work for radio stations, but there are also other in televisions. They are the ones thatensure that sit behind a switchboard to ensure that all technical details are in top shape before anchors go live. As such, it is very important for broadcast technicians to be meticulous and alert on the job.

5. Copy Editors
Even the best writers can, at times, miss details here and there. Copy editors are the ones who ensure that everything that goes into print are crisp and of professional-grade quality.

There are many other wonderful careers in mass media. Most of them are competitive, but still definitely worth pursuing.

Author Bio: hello, My names Patrick and I like bloggin about media and jobs.