5 Factors That Affect The Purchase of A Tablet PC
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Nov 20, 2011

5 Factors That Affect The Purchase of A Tablet PC

Flytouch 2 Android Tablet PCA friend of mine advised me, not too long back, that, if I ever developed the urge to buy a tablet PC, I must spend some quality time at the store, tinkering with every option available on it and asking for clarifications on what I could not understand, from the technical salesman. He also advised me that the story of the purpose of my visit to the store must end there, and my next stop should be my home PC where I should further study the options and order the product online at a bargain price.

Soft Handling
Tablet PCs and similar gadgets are known to be delicately built and may not sometimes withstand the assault that we are accustomed to perpetrate on our poor desktop keyboards. When you buy a PC, and you find that old habits die hard, it may be prudent to take out a handling insurance on the product when you buy it. Another factor that you must remember when using a tablet PC is the “Gorilla arm” which is a problem related to arms held in horizontal position without support, becoming fatigued.

Carry Easy
While the advantages of portability and instant communication are highly useful features, the general view of the users and reviewers is that this gadget, is more suitable for video streaming, games, RSS feeds and emails, twitter and such like. The compatibility of this product to heavy work, including generating lengthy documents is highly cramped because the onscreen keyboard cannot carry out the functions of a normal keyboard.

Introspect whether or if you really need buy a tablet PC
Let’s assume that you are already in possession of a home PC, iPhone and a notebook. Do you not feel that the purchase of a tablet PC at this stage is superfluous, because you are already inundated with all the facilities that you can aspire for? In the event you have a PC and an iPhone with you, would not a notebook be a better choice, at least for the sheer advantage of having a physical keyboard and an efficient operating system?

Wait and Watch
The way technology is forging ahead and churning out new products with more and more innovative features by the day. You must introspect whether it would be prudent to buy the tablet PC now, when the Androids and Apple’s iPad 2 are just round the corner, promising a wealth of new features like 1080px video and Flash support, well beyond our imagination.

The All important factor - Budget
The budget is a critical factor in all respects of evaluation of a product. Money is not easy to come by, and must be conserved as well as possible. There is no harm in carrying out a due diligence to find out the best alternatives to a tablet PC. Some of the following figures may throw light on this factor and help you to take a judicious decision before your purchase.
It is said that while a normal 7-inch media tablet can cost you around $250, its 10 inch, 1 GB counterpart with Wi-Fi will cost up to $500. Moreover, a 32GB model can cost you up to $600 while a 64GB model could be priced up to $700. Conversely, a 10-inch Android tablet may be available for about $400.

We are sure that our tips on the five factors that affect the purchase of a tablet PC will be of invaluable help in making your decision.

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