5 Android Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity
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Nov 13, 2011

5 Android Apps That Will Increase Your Productivity

Android WallpaperThere is little doubt that tablet and smartphone technology has led to a more efficient and productive society. This is due not only to the power of the phone itself, but the mobile apps that offer the customization to tailor these devices to fit our individual needs. These days there are apps to fulfill every conceivable function, regardless of whether we want to improve our business productivity or simplify our lives. The paths to entertainment, work, and social interaction news all originate from these tiny rectangular hubs, like an existential transit system connecting the nodes of our lives.

Nevertheless, in order to maximize the efficiency of your mobile device, you first need to equip it with the proper apps. Ironically, however, as the number of programs continues to swell, swimming through this endless sea can be rather unproductive. To make things simpler, here is a list of 5 Android Apps designed to increase your productivity:

1. Barcode Scanner
The barcode scanner is one of those life tools that can be applied in a variety of scenarios. For example, if you want to do a price comparison on an item, simply scan the barcode on the back of a box and the program will scour the web for other merchants and competitive pricing. It will also link you to any relevant reviews so you can educate yourself on the quality of any purchase you are unsure of. Barcode Scanner also works for QR codes which link directly to manufacturer websites.

2. Document Scanner
For business professionals and anyone signing a contract, it is important to make an electronic copy of a document in addition to any physical copy you receive. Electronic copies, after all, are easier to file and harder to misplace. Using the Document Scanner app on your Android device, you can quickly convert physical documents into PDF files. This ingenious software can detect the 4 corners of the document, ensuring the file is of proper scale. You can also crop the document before converting the image to a PDF. Document Scanner can also be used for receipts and other important papers.

3. Google Docs
PDF files created through Document Scanner can be saved and filed using Google Docs. Google Docs allows you to upload the files onto the cloud, creating an online backup for the documents on your hard drive. For many, keeping the files online and linked to their Google account is far more convenient than traditional storage, as it allows them to view and edit documents from any device with an internet connection. As a result, many professionals and students are using Google Docs as their primary word processor.

4. Google Voice
A good productivity app will save you time and money. The increasingly archaic phone system is quickly being replaced by Android apps such as Google Voice. Google Voice assigns you a phone number and lets you send text messages and calls through the internet, circumventing the need for a traditional phone service. Voicemail leftto this number can be transcribed into text. Greetings can be customized for specific numbers and international phone calls can be made at a significant discount.

5. Note Everything
Note Everything allows you to jot down notes and organize them into specific categories. In addition to text, the app also lets you attach pictures to various lists and sync them to your PC or the cloud. Note Everything can work in conjunction with other apps to collate your schedule, meetings, and appointments to ensure you remain on top of your current objectives. The program is ideal for both professionals and students looking to enhance their productivity.

Author Bio: Louse Clarke writes about various business topics including public liability cover and small business insurance.

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