The 3D Online Gaming Experience
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Nov 3, 2011

The 3D Online Gaming Experience

real 3D gameOnline gaming makes up a huge sector of the gaming market, and as the number of gaming websites using 3D technology has increased, so has the number of players getting involved.  From role playing games, to shoot ‘em ups, to simulations to poker; there are now many 3D games available online.

Back in the Days of 2D
When you think of 2D you may instantly be filled with warm memories of Pac Man and Space Invaders, however any avid gamer will tell you that although they used to play online games in 2D, the experience was, well lame and unexciting in most cases, even if the games are still enjoyed by the retro crowd today.  However back then, 2D games ran smoothly and required very little in the way of hardware to work.  3D games at the time were rife with glitches and often needed advanced hardware specifications just to run in the first place, which ultimately led to many an avid gamer switching back to 2D.

Switching from 2D to 3D
Despite the huge aesthetic differences between 2D and 3D, the algorithms are very similar which made it easy for designers to quickly invent games in 3D.  Of course, new software which enabled the simple construction of 3D graphics also contributed to this.  As PCs and games consoles became more advanced, so did the quality of the graphics and quite recently with the increase in 3D TV sales has come an increase in 3D games with Avatar and online poker games currently leading the 3D market.

The 3D Experience
The 3D gaming experience really is like no other.  You really can’t compare it to anything, as many of the games enable the gamer to actually feel like they are inside the game.  Take Avatar for instance, gamers can actually get a sense of depth when flying, they can see the forest ferns literally jutting out from the screen, and then of course there are also the bullets flying past your head that you have to contend with.  Other games like 3D slots and 3D poker make the gamer actually feel like they are in a casino hall.  Entertaining animations, realistic atmospheres and even online interaction all contribute to an impressive gaming experience …and there’s no need for the retro 3D glasses any more either!

3D Software Requirements
Most online 3D games are also now completely compatible with the latest versions of Windows and will run perfectly on most PC and laptop computers.  The minimum software requirements are almost always listed online and many gamers find that if they can’t run the game the first time around, they can after investing in a high end graphics card.

There really is no telling where the designers of video games are heading next.  Entire new genres of gaming may be just around the corner.  It may be a few years before we are in a Matrix style game but until then, the thousands of newly designed 3D games are sure to keep us busy.

As 3D gaming continues to increase in popularity a number of reputable companies are looking into incorporating the technology into their existing sites.  Expect to see more 3D poker games, 3D simulations and 3D role playing games in the next few months.

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