Why Seek The Advice of Clairvoyants
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Oct 10, 2011

Why Seek The Advice of Clairvoyants

As celebrity Cheryl Cole did.

Girls Aloud - Cheryl ColeBefore deciding whether or not it is advisable to seek advice from a clairvoyant as popular celebrity Cheryl Cole appears to have done, it's paramount to separate truth from fiction by understanding various terms synonymous with the supernatural or the world beyond the physical realm.

The term clairvoyant comes from the French word for 'clear-sight' meaning the ability to see objects or actions beyond the perception of the normal human eye. Another term synonymous with clairvoyance is ESP, extrasensory perception, which is the ability to receive intuitive knowledge about things before they actually happen. In the Bible, the disciple Peter was said to have the gift of second-sight in that he received revelations beyond the scope of human thought.

Psychics and Mediums are most often associated with horoscopes, astrology, medium readings, Tarot readings of cards and the usage of various pseudo-perception tools. Many people fail to realize astrology is not a science but according to the dictionary is 'a study that assumes and attempts to interpret the influence of heavenly bodies on human affairs. The definition of 'horoscope' is a method of future prediction based on planet alignment and signs of the zodiac. Scientists maintain horoscopes are nothing more than the power of suggestion if read upon awakening or a reflection of life if read at the end of the day.

The purpose of Medium Readings is to bring/affect a sense of harmony between the mind and the emotions, to believe in and achieve ones potential and to tap into the inner powers of the human psyche.

Those who profess to use and espouse Tarot readings claim the cards are not to meant to be used as a way of predicting the future. Standard decks ranging from 18 to 72 cards contain pictures dealing with all facets of life. Psychic ability is not required to use them since there are a plethora of guidebooks explaining the various symbols and meanings.

One scam or flimflam associated with the spiritual world is participation in a séance. This term comes from the French word for ' seated session' and is usually associated with the act of communicating with the souls of the deceased. According to many sources, this form of communication is of a religious nature and must be done with all participants seated around a table or in a circle. True devotees maintain unless the medium is seated as opposed to standing in front of the seated group, it is not a true séance. Another tool often associated with psychics and mediums is the use of a spirit board popularly referred to as a Quija board for the purpose of bridging the span between reality and the paranormal realm.

Clairvoyants maintain the main reason to use clairvoyance is for intuitive validation. These practitioners believe every human being has an inner sense or spiritual connection without the confidence to believe or accept the innate ability possessed by the human mind. Other reasons cited for seeking the assistance of a clairvoyant are to channel ones thought process regarding personal relationships, financial predictions and homeostasis of the mind and body often referred to as 'peace of mind'.

True clairvoyants are increasingly disturbed with the way their abilities are being used in the media and by criminal law enforcement entities to locate missing objects or people.

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