TV Dinners- How the Family Landscape Has Changed
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Oct 15, 2011

TV Dinners- How the Family Landscape Has Changed

In the past, families who have dinner together and discuss whatever was on their minds. However, family dinners seem to be a thing of the past. Today, parents are working longer hours and children are busy with school activities. People are coming home late in the evening and are too tired to have dinner with their family dinners. They instead sit in front of the television and have a TV dinner.

Many people today underestimate the importance of having a family dinner. Family dinners are about more than eating. They are about families spending quality time together. Researchers have found that there are several benefits to having family dinners on a regular basis.

Children who eat dinner with their families are less likely to do drugs and drink alcohol. These children are also less likely to associate with children who engage in risky behaviors. Children who eat dinner with their families are also more likely to perform better in school than children who do not.

Eating disorders are a common concern among teenage girls. Researchers have also found that girls who eat dinner with their families have higher self esteem and are less likely to develop eating disorders. The reason that children who eat dinner with their families are more likely to make better decisions is because they have a better relationship with their parents.

Tension is a common problem in today's families. If problems are left unresolved, divorce and many other issues can arise. Studies have shown that families who eat dinner together on a regular basis have less tension than those who do not. Family dinners give people the opportunity to talk about what is bothering them before the problem(s) becomes serious.

Obesity is a common health problem. Over 60 percent of the population is over their ideal body weight and that number continues to grow. Generally speaking, family dinners are healthier than TV dinners. That is why people who eat dinners with their families are usually healthier.

Today, it is more common to see people sitting down and eating dinner in front of the television than it is to see a family eating dinner together. The building block of a productive society is a strong family. In order for a family to be strong, they have to spend time together. Having a family dinner is the perfect way to spend time together.

It is understandable that people today have busy lives and do not always have the time to sit down and have a meal with their families. However, the importance of family dinners cannot be emphasized enough. Families who have not been accustomed to having meals together can start by setting a goal of at least two days a week. A little effort will go along way when it comes to having a family dinner.

Families also need to make sure that their family dinner is only for family time. There should not be a television in the room where everyone is eating dinner. Additionally, all phone calls should be postponed until after dinner.

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