Saved by the Bell - Breaking Down Stereotypes
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Oct 20, 2011

Saved by the Bell - Breaking Down Stereotypes

Saved By The Bell DVD Disc! If you remember terms like Mr. Belding, The Max, and Screech, then you remember Saved by the Bell.  The classic 90s show that we all know and love taught us many life lessons as we grew up. One of those lessons was that the stereotypes people generally think of, do not always coincide with real life. The Saved by the Bell characters did a good job of breaking the typical stereotypes that exist in todays's world.

The Screech
We all remember this nerdy kid who had an afro and a big crush on another character, Lisa. He considers himself to be a ladies man but is actually a tag-along kind of person. He is a bit obnoxious at times but a well-loved character by the audience and by the characters themselves. Generally nerds are shy and quiet and definitely incapable of talking to girls. Screech is quite the opposite as he is constantly hitting on Lisa.

The Zack
Zack at first may have seemed like your typical preppy and popular kid. However, he was actually  kind of a troublemaker because of his constant stunt-pulling. He never does anything too extreme though and he does manage to keep up his preppy and good reputation. Zack also isn't considered the most popular guy at the school, but he is always trying to get the most popular girl, Kelly.

The AC Slater
Slater would be the jock of the group. He breaks the stereotype because he is actually an outsider when he first moves to Bayside. He becomes the school's star athlete but ends up being best friends with Zack and does not generally hang out with other athletes. He should be able to get any girl he wants but Jessie refuses him for a long time because of his insensitiveness to women.

The Jessie
Jessie is a valedictorian, perfect student, and a feminist. She is a bit uptight and seems like she would be the antagonistic character. However, she ends up falling for Slater who is almost the complete opposite of her. That stereotype would normally stay single in order to enforce her feministic views; however, she tears down that stereotype.

The Lisa
She is the fashionista, the diva. She is wealthy and always knows what the latest styles are. She sounds like she would be ditsy, when in fact she isn't. She is a really smart girl and is constantly being pursued by Screech. She acts like she doesn't like him but there are certain episodes where she seems envious over Screech's other girls. She even ends up going to prom with him.

The Kelly
Kelly is the beautiful popular cheerleader who could potentially be the mean character who puts down the group. However, she is one of the kindest and sweetest characters on the show. She blushes when Slater and Zack both flirt with her. She is not your typical flirty cheerleader that appears in every other show out there.

This show that many of us grew up on, taught us that we should not judge other people just because they appear a certain way. The characters on Saved by the Bell were all realistic and depicted a high school where stereotypes did not exist. Keep this in mind as you meet new people. You know what they say: Never judge a book by its cover.

About the Author
Meagan Hollman writes for My Colleges and Careers helps students find online schools that can help then achieve their education and career goals.