Overcoming Fear of Video Marketing
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Oct 23, 2011

Overcoming Fear of Video Marketing

YouTube Aili
I don’t think the impact of video distribution sites like YouTube and Vimeo are lost on anyone these days. When videos like Rebecca Black’s “Friday” or Antoine Dodson’s interview seem to go viral overnight, no one can deny the power of the web and its ability to span the globe instantly.

But what if you, as a local business, could harness the power of online videos as well to gain more exposure for your business? What if you too can create an online presence that allows people in your community to search for you and, in turn, generate more traffic? I know what you’re saying…

“I don’t own a proper video recorder.”“I know nothing about scripts or being in front of the camera.”“I don’t have the resources to shoot high-quality footage.”

The beauty of the Internet and technology during these times is that you don’t have to be a professional to still have major impact in your community. All it takes is a smart phone or flip camera, and you can capture footage that would be ideal for your marketing campaigns.

So maybe you aren’t an expert in shooting and editing videos. Don’t let this fear prevent you from capitalizing on a new medium for reaching more clients.  With most things, it’s important to start by just taking one small step. Below, we have outlined several reasons to get your feet wet in the video marketing world. By taking the first step with shooting a video for your company, you can establish another form of credibility for your company, which is relevant to today’s world of Web 2.0.

Some benefits that video marketing will offer your local business:

· Video marketing establishes credibility for you, as a business owner. Consumer demands are different today than they were ten years ago. When people see that businesses have online videos, they will take your business more seriously because it will be apparent to them that you take it seriously, too.
· Video marketing is an extremely low cost way to reach more clients and generate leads. Most people already have smart phones, and a YouTube subscription costs nothing!
· Video marketing reaches a wider spectrum of potential clients. With YouTube subscriptions becoming almost as ubiquitous as Facebook pages; there is a massive market waiting to be tapped when it comes to the online community and video marketing. It’s imperative to take advantage of the visibility you will gain through video distribution.

You don’t have to produce an award-winning piece. Something short and precise can be just as effective as a professionally produced video. Just be sure that you convey the mission of your company and that from a consumer standpoint you are providing relevant information.

Author Bio: Chris Marentis founded and is the CEO Surefire Social who supplies local marketing services and internet marketing for local business