Is Your Landing Page Lacking a Video?
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Oct 24, 2011

Is Your Landing Page Lacking a Video?

It is surprising that with how easy it is to add video to a landing page that so many people neglect to do it. If you are looking for a powerful marketing tool that is virtually effortless to utilize, video is it! Understand that when people land on this page, they decide whether to stay or not in 10 seconds or less. How are you grabbing and holding their attention?

Video can do what text can’t for some browsers; keep them on the page past the 10 second mark. Once they’ve invested a bit of time watching a video, they’re far more likely to browse around. It doesn’t matter how clean, artistic or informative your landing page is, few people will take the time to read unless something really spectacular draws them in. Think about how many pages an average browser views, you need to do something to stand out from the rest.
In fact, evidence suggests that video is the superior option to use if you have products, services or events that you want highlighted. According to VideoCustomizer, there is up to a 55 percent conversion increase on landing pages that have videos. During their study, they even found the conversion rate on some landing pages more than doubled by adding a simple video.

Video Increases Revenue
Most websites are looking to generate revenue from their visitors. Even non-profit organizations are hoping readers will click that donate button and show their generosity. Now, if you are like most others, you have taken the time to make sure you have a sitemap in place and that SEO is well thought out for search engine purposes but where is the video?
Your readers not only need a reason to stay on your page but also a reason to share it. The more people who visit your page, the better the chance you have at more revenue. If you are not devoting as much attention to video as you do for your text and photos, you are really missing out on a golden opportunity.

Placement is Key
You may get lucky and place the video right the first time and see a jump in your conversion rate or you may need to experiment a little. If you have to move things around a few times, try not to get frustrated. You are not doing anything wrong; your visitors are simply attracted to a specific location first. That being said, make sure you give each location its fair amount of time before you move it.
Video is the answer to your bounce rate! Even if you think your conversion is decent, it can always be better! Video will keep a large percentage of readers on your page longer and they are more likely to trust you, your product or service because they will be connected and invested in you on an increased level.
While emails and telemarketing used to be the way to advertise yourself, thanks to technology, a simply video will get you further ahead than these old methods ever could.

Author Byline: This guest post is provided by Neil Jones head of marketing for eMobileScan. Based all around Europe, they run a host of web stores all dedicated to providing their customers with solutions that will help to cut costs and increase productivity. Included in their product list are units like the Motorola MC75 and the Datalogic Memor