How to Capture Unique Autumn Photographs
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Oct 25, 2011

How to Capture Unique Autumn Photographs

The sort of photographs we all tend to associate with autumn are very lovely - winding roads flanked with trees dressed in shades of red and gold, vibrant green pastures offset by rolling hills covered in brilliant foliage - but, if you're interested in snapping something a bit more different, try these hints and tips to get you started.
  • One of the most important things to keep in mind, is that in order to capture original images, you have to take original steps. Use your mind's eye and imagine scenes from different angles - even if that means getting down low, or going up high, and getting scratched up along the way. Your reward will be photos that make people say "wow!".
  • Following the same guideline of changing perspective, try "zooming in" on the scene you wish to photograph. Rather than just letting your camera do the work, physically bring yourself closer to your subject. This is the perfect time to focus on a single distinctive leaf, or perhaps how the sun is playing off a group of stones in a nearby stream.
  • Autumn foliage is the proverbial "belle of the ball" this time of year, and it's photographed extensively - with good reason, as it is truly beautiful, but, there are many other things equally as beautiful that you can turn your attention to in your pursuit of unique photographs. Imagine a field of drying corn in wonderful shades of golden to dark brown, or a simple basket of ripe apples shot from the perfect angle with bokeh effect applied. Gorgeous!
  • Don't relegate yourself to the countryside in pursuit of unique photo opportunities. Small towns, and large cities both provide a wealth of subjects for your lens. People here and there dressed in warm coats and colorful scarves, homes with last-of-the-year flower gardens blooming with lovely things such as mums and asters, or produce stands laden with pumpkins and apples.
  • Autumn is a popular time of year for county fairs and harvest festivals. There are almost limitless opportunities to take great photographs at gatherings such as these; just use your imagination and shoot things that say "autumn" to you. Try to capture the feeling of autumn in your photographs - the crisp chill in the air, people dressed in cozy, warm sweaters, etc.
Wherever your feet lead you, and whatever subjects you find to shoot, remember to maintain and employ a different perspective, most importantly, and keep these tips in mind as you seek out fantastic, unique autumn photographs.

Author Bio: This is a guest post from Eric Shelton, who writes for Advance Me America's Leading merchant cash advance provider.