Do You Make These Mistakes When Going Out to the Movies?
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Oct 19, 2011

Do You Make These Mistakes When Going Out to the Movies?

Movie theater Going to the movies can become expensive between the price of tickets and the cost of snacks at the theater. To some movie-goers, the atmosphere of watching a movie on the big screen is worth it. Nothing beats sitting in a theater full of other like-minded individuals, eating popcorn and enjoying a good movie. However, some people who go to the movies make mistakes that can impact the enjoyment of others.

Too Much Noise

Movie theaters post reminders to turn off or silence your cell phone for a reason. Taking a phone call during the movie creates a distraction for everyone around you. Even if you are considerate enough to walk out, the ringing of your phone is still a distraction. Same goes for talking during the movie. If you miss something, make a mental note to ask your friend after the movie. If it isn't related to the movie, it can wait. Making too much noise is bound to earn you glares from those around you.

Bringing Your Own Snacks

With the high prices of the snacks at the movie theater, its no wonder that some people bring their own. While many theaters frown on this practice, soda cans and rattling bags can often be heard throughout the theater. The usher or theater manager isn't likely to discover you and kick you out, but your neighbor may not be too happy about it. There's something about a dark theater that seems to amplify the sound of a soda can popping open or a bag of chips opening. Instead of distracting others with your loud snacks, repackage your snacks into quieter containers. And watch out for any snacks that might melt, like ice cream or chocolate when its hot outside.

Leaving in the Middle of the Movie

You may not mind missing parts of the movie to use the bathroom, but those around you might. If you feel the need to sit in the very middle of the theater, prepare yourself for sighs, stares and grunts from the others sitting in your row when you expect them to move to let you by. You might get a similar reaction from those in the rows behind you. If you think you might need to get up during the movie, give up that center seat and sit somewhere near the edge of the theater in the last row in front of the exit so you don't disturb anyone else.

Its Not a Bedroom

Some people seem to treat a dark movie theater as their own personal make-out spot. However, movie-goers want to watch the action on the screen, not in the seat next to or in front of them. Don't bring your date to the movies with the sole intent of "scoring." Keep your eyes on the movie and your lips to yourself. You can always drive to the local make-out spot afterwards instead.

About the Author: Brandon Beeks is the content editor for the Home Theater Screen Paint section of