Calling all inventors! Bring your idea to life!
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Oct 28, 2011

Calling all inventors! Bring your idea to life!

So, you have a great idea for a new product and think you could make some money selling it.  The hard part is actually being able to manufacture the product without the space and equipment that you will need to be able to turn your idea into reality.  Junior Inventors Competition Launch It’s all very well being able to make a “kitchen table” style prototype, but if your product is popular and successful, you may find yourself inundated with orders that you have no hope of honouring.  It could be that you have a great idea for a product, but no concept of how to actually make the item.

If this sounds like you, then you need to find ways of manufacturing your product quickly and efficiently and at the lowest cost possible.  A great place to look for help is Quirky.  This is a website where you can register free and submit your product idea to the Quirky community.  Submitting a product idea cost $10 and you’ll need to fill out a web form and upload some image files (photos of your prototype, plans, diagrams, etc).  Your product will be evaluated for a week by the host of “ideas” people that make up the community and voted on.  Very often, the people viewing the product ideas will contribute some valuable information on how the product could be improved/altered to make it more useful or more likely to prove successful.

The following week, if your idea proves to be one of the high-scorers, it will then be evaluated by the Quirky staff – this process will usually take another week.  Throughout both of these processes, it’s possible to log on to the website to see what’s being said about your idea.

At the end of the staff evaluation process you will be notified by email as to whether or not your idea is one of the ones chosen to be a Quirky product.  If it is, this means that Quirky will use its team of design staff and reach out to some of the manufacturers that they enjoy good working relations with in order to take your idea to the production stage.  Once that stage has been completed, the Quirky marketing and sales team take over to offer your product for sale (usually via the Quirky website shop).
Okay, you might not make your fortune in this way, especially as you will only actually receive 12% of the sales revenue of your product idea.  But this can be a great solution if you have a product idea and no way of manufacturing it or bringing it to market.  Obviously, the more sales the product enjoys, the more money you would receive.  Quirky could be a really great platform to use if you have an idea for something that would become an essential item and likely to sell in the millions.

If you don’t like the sound of relinquishing so much control (and income) to a third party, then a great way to find some of the materials you may need to manufacture the product on your own could be Inventables.  This is a website that’s aimed at designers and inventors and carries a range of innovative materials and products that could be used in the manufacturing process.  Some of the products are really cool and could actually inspire you to have ideas for applications for them.  One of the great things is that you can usually buy sample amounts of the materials at reasonably affordable prices.

Whatever your idea is and whichever route you choose to try to bring it to market, both of these websites offer choices and opportunities that were just not available in the past.

Author Byline: Article by Debbie who frequently writes about personal finance, foreign markets and foreign exchange.

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