Amy Winehouse: Psychic Or Just Master Of The Obvious?
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Oct 6, 2011

Amy Winehouse: Psychic Or Just Master Of The Obvious?

Why Are People Shocked By These Things?

amy winehouse @ the highline ballroom In a recent interview with Jon Stewart, on The Daily Show, Tony Bennett commented that Amy Winehouse “Knew she wasn’t gonna live.”  Bennett just released yet another duet album that included the song “Body and Soul” which turned out to be Amy Winehouse’s last recording.  According to Bennett it wasn’t drugs, but rather alcohol, that led Winehouse to her prediction.

If you have watched Saturday Night Live within the past few seasons you may have seen a segment during “Weekend Update” called “Really?!”  This “news” story can pretty much be summed up in that short word. This viewpoint is completely politically incorrect and will be viewed as insensitive and crass.

However, it is constantly amazing when people are shocked by the passing of someone who partakes in dangerous and/or ridiculous activity.  The fattest man in the world had a heart attack? You stopped paying your bills and now you have to get a bad credit car loan?   The guy in the circus, who shoots himself from a cannon, exploded?  Why are people shocked by these things?  Let alone put a reverence on these people that most wouldn’t give to their neighbor next door.
Alcoholism and drug abuse are horrible things that tear many families apart.  It is a tragedy that anyone should succumb to them.  People can certainly use the situation to bring awareness to the issue and help others.  But to make a nationally televised program and claim that it is some eerie prediction on the part of Winehouse is absolutely ridiculous.  Her claim to fame was a song entitled “Rehab” in which she boldly denied the help her family wanted her to get.  What more did people need in order to realize her fate.  If there should be any sympathy given, it should go to the friends and family that tried to help Winehouse. Particularly her parents.  To raise your child with all the hopes and dreams that goes into parenting and watch her downfall play out in a public forum has to be completely devastating.

It is time as a nation that we stop making pedestals for those making horrible choices in life.  Let’s start a whole new trend of accountability.  Actually being responsible for what decisions you make. If you spent all your money before paying your bills, bankruptcy is your fault.  If you choose to have a pet lion, expect that someday it may eat you.  Drugs and alcohol affect your ability to make decisions, but there are plenty of people who have been successful at getting out from under their influence. Everyone screws up.  Learning from it and moving on is what is admirable.  That is what should be celebrated.

Author Bio: Thanks to Carol for the good info.=) "As a writer for New Start Auto Loans, I write about a wide variety of subjects including bad decisions like these.  New Start Auto Loans is a bad credit car loan site that can match people with less than perfect credit to a finance manager in their area who can help."

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