5 Best Reality Shows of All Time
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Oct 12, 2011

5 Best Reality Shows of All Time

Reality TV - GraffitiReality shows took off during the 1990s with MTV laying down the groundwork with their show The Real World.  From that point reality shows became our obsessed way to view lives of various Hollywood and music stars.
Whether we’re watching Paris Hilton’s maid trying out a new floor scrubber or watching overweight individuals compete to lose weight, there’s a reality show for almost anything you can think of. Refurbishing homes, chefs, business owners, models … you name it and it has a reality show associated with it.
Here are some of the best reality shows of all time.

1. Hoarders

Wow, talk about a group of people who could stand to invest in any type of cleaning equipment. Hoarders chronicles the lives of individuals that can’t seem to get rid of anything.  If you’ve never had a chance to watch hoarders it is truly an interesting hour. As a viewer you find yourself vacillating between being amazed that people live in these conditions and pity once you realize that their issues and suffering are real.
Some full episodes are available here.

2. Survivor

Lie, cheat, and deceive are the skills required to be the winner of this reality show game. Seventeen seasons in and viewers are still glued to the screen, enjoying the latest maneuvers by the contestants to determine who will be the survivor of the show. For some, survivor has operated as a springboard to bigger and better roles.

3. Project Runway

This show allows contestants to showcase their ability to design a line of clothing that meets the muster of such fashion icons like Nina Garcia, Michael Kors, and of course Heidi Klum. Twelve individuals set off on this design journey but only one will triumph with a line of clothing that is displayed at the infamous New York Fashion Week.

4. Fear Factor

Want to know just how far someone will go to win a cash prize of $50,000? Well so do the creators of Fear Factor.  Whoever creates these challenges is either horribly brilliant or just plain horrible. Contestants never know what they will be called on to do. Challenges have included eating freakishly gross items and taking a bath with large numbers of creepy crawlies. This is not a reality show for the faint at heart.
Some Full Episodes on Youtube

5. The Apprentice

He might be bald and have one of the weirdest toupees ever, but Donald Trump knows how to make money.  Budding entrepreneurs from across the country compete to become a part of two teams that run competing businesses. As with any reality show worth its salt, a bunch of people have to lose before the clear winner is selected. The prize is worth it for many: the ability to learn from a financial cat that always lands on his feet is priceless.

Author Bio: James Tennant, a guest blogger, regularly writes about all topics under the sun, from reality shows and extreme couponing to floor scrubbers and cleaning equipment.