What Is The Best Way To Wax A Car?
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Sep 27, 2011

What Is The Best Way To Wax A Car?

Basically the best way to wax the car is not based on any particular kind of technique. Actually it is more to do with how well you prepare the car before waxing it. It includes the whole process of washing, polishing, repairing damages and restoring it.

One of the most important reasons why the above process is important is due to the fact that waxing alone cannot make your car shine. Basically the waxing process mainly helps in protecting and enhancing the original shine of our car.

The fact is that the hand car wash and other cleaning process helps in getting rid of all the contaminants which affects the shine of a car. The car polishing process helps in getting rid of minor imperfection and damages on the car surface so that it is even and smooth. The repairing of damages helps in covering up scratches and paint chips and then the restoring process involves removing a thin layer of oxidized paint and it returns the original color of the car. Due to the above reasons preparing the car for waxing is considered to be more important than waxing it.

There are 2 ways of waxing: with hand or machine. With machine, your car will look smoother and shinier. However, it is also slightly damaging to the car surface compare to hand application. Normally, I use hand application because it is more convenient and gentle.

Once your car is prepared properly for the waxing process you are required to park your car under a shaded area. The most common and the best method of waxing the car is just applying 1-3 layers of car wax on your car’s body. You can choose either paste wax or liquid wax.

The results between paste wax and liquid wax are similar. But majority of people feel that the paste wax is easier to apply with hand and liquid wax is easier to apply with machine. One of the best car wax I have ever used is Collinite Super Doublecoat Auto Wax.

First of all you need to park your car under a shaded area which is away from direct sunlight. Use the applicator recommended by the manufacturer. If there’s no recommendation from the manufacturer, get a foam applicator pad.

Then use very small amount of wax at a time. This is important because applying too much will leave marks on your car later and it is also wasting of the product. Now apply on small areas of your car by drawing ‘doughnuts’ back-and forth.

You are required to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how long you need to allow the wax to dry off after applying. After that, buff the area that you have just worked on with a microfiber cloth.