TV and Fashion; an Inter-Inspirational Dance
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Sep 24, 2011

TV and Fashion; an Inter-Inspirational Dance

An inter-inspirational dance between fashion and entertainment has become even more prevalent over the years, particularly as fashion houses continue to land big name stars to be the “face” of this line or that. But sometimes it’s a question of the chicken or the egg, where the lines between inspiration blur. Are the artists in films and on stage pushing the trends in fashion? Or the other way around?

London 1960s A fascination with 1960s fashion is one trend that has long been going strong due to its connection to music. Flowing skirts and floral peasant blouses are just as likely to be seen in today’s magazines as in an old clip about Woodstock. Though in truth some trends are not as universally wearable as some people might think; contrary to popular belief not everyone on the planet has the bod to pull off hip-huggers.
But thanks to television, a new “old” glamour is going to take hold even stronger than ever.

Mad Men kicked it all off with yummy clothes that were as much worth watching as the actors. Dapper suits made the men, yet the women got to have the most fun with curve-hugging sweaters, below-the-knee skirts, as well as tailored dresses and gorgeous brocade and floral cocktail dresses. There seemed to be no one color palette, as emerald greens played alongside rich neutrals, royal blues and on.

Mad Man
Following in the sixties-inspired era, the television series, Pan Am, promises to also be visually stunning as the show follows a crew of stewardesses choosing adventure over family life. In addition to perfecting the look of those classic sky-blue uniforms it will be fascinating to see if they attempt to go to the lengths of detail that Mad Men has. But since this isn’t the first comparison they’ll most likely try to shine.
And Playboy Club should prove to be a different thing altogether. Set in Chicago during the ‘60s, this series will get the chance to pull out the stops with suits and dresses, of course. But it will also be terrific to see how lingerie and loungewear is reflected, and how that will ultimately translate to fashion for us everyday people.

It’s very easy to see images of beautiful people wearing beautiful things and think those must have been the days… but it was also a time when women weren’t afforded the basic rights we are now. Which means it may well grate on my nerves to see these shows depicting men smacking gals on their backside. But riding shotgun with the feminist in me is a gal that loves being a girl; a girl who is incredibly giddy to think of all those lovely outfits that will grace the screen and then go on to influence fun and affordable fashions we humans can afford.

Author Bio: Emma Bell writes for Coupon Croc. Looking for affordable '60s fashions? Check out this ASOS dicount voucher.