"Surreal Cereal" (Official Music Video)
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Sep 23, 2011

"Surreal Cereal" (Official Music Video)

"We are a comedy team out of Chicago, IL that is the biggest thing, undiscovered, on YouTube right now.  We have a very, very small following, BUT they are loyal to us.  We produce only the highest quality comedy sketches and music videos.  Here is our first production, titled ""Kreepin' Ain't Easy (Original Facebook Song)"".  Our second big production was the follow up project to that, ""Kreepin' All Over the World (Facebook Anthem)"".  Then it lead to our biggest production to date ""Surreal Cereal.""  This was a song personifying all the cereal characters, that we grew up and loved as kids, into a music video.  Judge for yourself..

Surreal Cereal - Music Video

""Kreepin' Ain't Easy (Original Facebook Song)""

""Kreepin' All Over the World (Facebook Anthem)""