How Charlie Brown Became America’s Favorite Character
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Sep 29, 2011

How Charlie Brown Became America’s Favorite Character

Charlie Brown Christmas Tree Shopping
Why, Charlie Brown, Why?

Who could forget the life that Charlie Brown lived? Perhaps people of all ages would always be reminded of the life that this guy lived because every man has a Charlie Brown in him. This character from the Peanut series written and popularized by Charles Schulz rose to fame immediately after it was released. Well, a lot could be attributed to the fact that his character presented the picture of the not-so-perfect life that everyone lived.

Although this work of Charles Schulz gave him the prestige of being able to write the most successful American story every written, the life of Charlie brown was a bit short of being seen as that. In fact, his was the most un-successful story because in everything that he tried, he failed. But then again, this character became the most lovable loser of all time probably because people saw a part of them in his character. He lived the kind of life that everyone has to live with everyday and even if Charles Schulz admitted that the character of Charlie Brown was sort of a self portrait, people saw beyond this.

What people saw in Charlie Brown is that he was the guy who had tried several things with hopes that he could end up successful just like the others but every time he tried, he often found himself disappointed. Even if he was dominated by his insecurities, he still saw in himself that little hint of hope that something good could happen to him. In real life, people know that not everything that they have tried will make them end up a successful person. In fact, most of them live their everyday lives thinking that.

In addition to the idea of Charlie Brown being the picture of a well-loved loser, his failed attempts had also made him one of the most bullied characters. His peers often took advantage of him and his so called permanent case of bad luck. Although not everybody may have been bullied, everybody may have seen another person being bullied and sadly for those who fall as victims in such scenarios, the situation isn’t that favorable for them. It is then when their insecurities set in that slowly breaks their heart. However, the self-doubt that Charlie Brown feels is what everybody has to deal with every single day. Because people often find themselves in situations that make them feel that they are such failures.
Charlie Brown is a picture of a hopeful man who finds himself rising up from every fall, just like all the others.

This blog post was written by: David C., the webmaster of Famous Quotes Index, a website containing close to 30,000 famous quotes, including Charlie Brown quotes and inspiring biographies of renowned authors.

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