Futuristic Glasses Technology
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Sep 4, 2011

Futuristic Glasses Technology

The humble spectacle has been through many forms since it's inception several hundreds of years ago. What began with simple wire framed specs with little or no optical corrective power has grown into a multi billion dollar industry with some very advanced technology.

Sunglasses *Vintage* It is only since the early 80s that the range of sunglasses began to really diversify, previous to that the Ray Ban Aviator and Wayfarer were by far the most popular models. However, since then some of the developments in this area have been quite remarkable, including the Nickel-Titanium blend Nitinol that creates memory metal, photochromic lenses that change colour depending on light levels and 3D technology. But these are all technologies that are already being used and developed, what is yet to come? Here are some of the future developments in glasses technology that may or may not make it onto the market:

- NoIR are a company that make specialist eyewear for hospital and industrial uses, based around protecting the eye from different types of laser light. There are a huge range of different lasers used and they work on several different wavelengths, so lots of different frequency filters are required. This is done through an absorptive dye that filters the damaging wavelength, thus giving protection to the eye. These have recently gained a lot of use for pilots who have been bothered by people shining lasers into the cockpit, as they reduce the glare but enable them to see the source.

- It recently came to light that Apple has applied for a patent for a new style of 3D screen to stop people overlooking future devices. These would use specific frequencies and filters so that only people wearing the glasses paired with it will be able to see the screen. This wont require any data or power connection to the glasses, it will all be done optically with micro-filtered material.

- With the huge success of the Call of Duty series, makers Activision have been able to spend a lot of time and money developing new products to enhance the gaming experience. With the upcoming release of Modern Warfare 3 in November 2011, the marketing machine is in full flow, and the latest product to be announced are the gaming glasses in association with Gunnar Optics. They perform a range of different things, including offering support for colour blind players, improve visual efficiency recovery time and overall endurance. How much they actually do is yet to be seen, but they certainly a stylish addition to your gaming setup.

Author Bio:
Janet works for DirectSight, one of the UKs leading glasses specialist, stocking everything from prescription frames and lenses to Dior sunglasses. She is a bit fan of TV and films, and loves anything in 3D.