Five Best Horror Movies Released This Summer
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Sep 2, 2011

Five Best Horror Movies Released This Summer

Most guys will admit that there is nothing better than taking your girlfriend to nice scary movie in the summer movie, where she can scream and cling to you all night in fright.
The summer of 2011 was a bit of a disappointment in the horror movie department, but there were a few winners among the thin pickings. Producers do tend to bring out the really frightening stuff as it gets closer to Halloween, when the real horror is supposed to start.
Here is a lineup of the five best you should have seen. Watch for them on video.

A man of the cloth finally has had enough of the vampires who have been ravaging the world for centuries. When his own niece is captured by the vampires, this warrior priest, played by Paul Bettany, of Legion, is determined to track down and eliminate this scourge once and for all, even if it means he has to turn against his own church.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Dark
We’ve seen the theme before, but it is one that works. A young girl has to move into a new home when her father takes up with a new girlfriend, and of course the house is home to creatures who are only too happy to welcome the new young resident. To reach a wider audience, the producers were hoping for a PG 13 rating, but were given R because of the movie’s “pervasive scariness.” For fright fans, that’s makes it highly recommended!

Fright Night
Vampires are really in vogue, so it is no surprise that we are seeing them a lot in this year’s crop of horror movies. Fright Night throws some humor at the old problem, when a young man is trying to convince his neighbor that a vampire has moved into their neighborhood. A celebrity vampire hunter turns out to be a wuss, so Charley and his friend have to take on the problem themselves. 

5nal Destination
In this sequel to ‘The Final Destination’ (4), the characters still have to find ways to overcome their predetermined fates. One of the characters, who is pre-voyant, helps save a group of people from an impending bridge collapse, but since they were not supposed to survive, Death keeps stalking them. As hard as he tries, they fight harder to survive, and only Death knows the final outcome.

Apollo 18
The real Apollo 18 was an actual flight, but was cancelled by NASA in the 70s. In the movie version, Apollo was actually sent in secret, but it was never reported because it discovered alien life. The crew of the shuttle shows us the grim results of this discovery that has been kept a secret for all of these years.
If you are a horror movie buff and prefer to watch morbid scenes over the latest teeny bopper flick, then go ahead and do a people search to find old friends. It would be great to catch up with your movie buddies who share the same interest. For sure you will have a fantastic time screaming your lungs out in the movie house.