Cricket Champions League T20 Players To Wear Sunglasses With HD Cameras
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Sep 23, 2011

Cricket Champions League T20 Players To Wear Sunglasses With HD Cameras

According to a recently published article in the Times Of India, crickets players at the upcoming Champions League T20 will be wearing sunglasses fitted with specially designed high definition cameras.
Cricket has always been a sport to embrace technological innovations, with video and audio based technology aiding officials when it comes to making the right decision (video replays, Hawk-Eye, snickometer, etc). This next innovation isn't focused on improving the decision-making of officials however, instead delivering a new and potentially exciting viewpoint for live viewers.
The camera, which records at 30fps (frames per second), supports full audio and delivers a recording capability of 720 pixels, will give viewers a whole new perspective on the sport; allowing them to view the action from the players' point of view. In addition, fans will also gain previously unavailable access to team huddles and in-play conversations.
An official for the upcoming T20 tournament in India had this to say on the new sunglasses:
"The frames will be given to a player assigned by the team management before each innings, and that player will wear them, with the recording mode on, for three overs."
Continuing on to the benefits of the new frames, the official said:
"Commentators during matches regularly mention the steadiness of the batsman's head while he's batting. Footage captured by the new sunglasses will go a long way to confirming things like this."
The HD pinhole cameras will be built into the chassis of the frames, and will feature 8GB of memory. During matches the frames will be collected by production staff, who will be able to display selected pieces of footage during the game.
In addition to the memory, audio functionality and HD recording, the sunglasses will also feature the traditional wrap-around design (increasing peripheral vision and protection), high quality polarised lenses with 100% UVA, UVB and UVC protection and a specially designed set of replacement lenses, which are to be used when the games are played under lights.
Not only will the players be capturing footage during the game, but it has been confirmed that players will be allowed to record moments from the team bus and locker rooms, but only with express permission from the management.
All of this represents another big step forward for the sport, which will no doubt continue to increase the popularity of cricket throughout the world.
It hasn't been confirmed yet whether or not the frames will be used once the T20 tournament is over, but you would expect that if they prove popular or useful, we'll be seeing a lot more of the technology in the near future.

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