Add Some Fun to Your Movie Night
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Sep 1, 2011

Add Some Fun to Your Movie Night

Going to the theatre to catch a movie can be a really great experience. You get to enjoy a gigantic over-sized screen, speakers that make the seats rumble, and previews of upcoming movies. Sounds like a great time doesn’t it? Of course it does, until you factor in the price of admission. You can forget about popcorn and other treats, because the price of Milk Duds will make you cringe. So what is the movie lover to do?

The truth is that you don’t need a movie theatre to have a great movie watching experience. With some creativity you can spice up your next movie night. Here are a few ideas to help you plan your next movie get together:

  • Home Projector- There are plenty of projectors that you can get for home use that will be more than adequate for creating a larger than life picture. You can either dedicate a blank wall in your home to movie watching, or if you’re looking for a larger canvas to paint your movie on, you can take the projector outside and use the side of your house. If you do end up projecting the image onto the side of your house you may want to get some white sheets to put up so that the picture has a smooth surface and looks more natural.
  • Movie in a RV- Whenever I step into a RV or Motorhome I instantly feel as if I’m camping, even if the RV is sitting in the driveway. One of the best movie experiences that you can have is getting some friends together and watching a movie in a RV. To cut back on costs you can have everyone bring snacks that they’re willing to share. With a RV you can recreate the camping experience and enjoy movies by yourself or with friends.
  • Build a Fort- This one is more geared toward younger children, but if you’re feeling up for it then go for it. Building a fort is exciting and can bring out your inner child. If you have kids who are looking for a fun and creative idea then this is great for them too. You can use a small TV and DVD player or VCR to watch your movie with, inside the fort. Grab some blankets and a few heavy objects like large books to hold them in place.
  • Create Your Own Theatre- Even if you don’t have several thousand dollars to invest in your own home theatre, with some creativity you can create a fun movie atmosphere. You can print out and decorate pretend tickets, make a concession stand with homemade treats, and even put up movie posters on the wall. It doesn’t have to be an exact replica of an actual movie theatre, just something that resembles the real deal.

Remember that a good movie night doesn’t have to be expensive. What matters most is the people you are with and having the right attitude. If you’re looking for creative ways to add some fun to your movie night then consider one of these ideas the next time you get your friends and family together.
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