3 Winning Tips That Will Make Your Video Resume Get Noticed
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Sep 1, 2011

3 Winning Tips That Will Make Your Video Resume Get Noticed

Every time you send a resume, you should expect tough competition. Currently there are millions of unemployed people in the US alone, and all of them are hoping to get an interview through their resumes.

A video CV can mean the difference between having the opportunity to show your potential and remaining as an unemployment statistic for years.

Resumes today have to be customized; you must think out of the box, and really give the recruiter a reason to want to meet you.

Even though a CV in video is already highly original, it is not enough. Here we give you 3 unbeatable tips that will make any recruiter really pay attention to your video resume:

  • Employ keywords
    • You should study the wording utilized in the job opening and make good use of the special keywords employed by the recruiter.

    • These words must be relevant to the position and industry you are applying for, and you must use them recurrently on your CV. Just make sure the text flows in a natural way and that the keywords fit in effortlessly. This will make your CV relevant and eye catching.  

  • Employ marketing and advertising tactics
    • Nowadays you have to be very creative to get a job. Do ample research on the company you are interested in and think of some ideas on how to reach them in a special way.

    • Once, a man held up a sign with his name, skills description, and phone number while walking from side to side in front of the building where the company he wanted to work for was… he got the interview.

    • Video allows you to do a lot through animation, use of color, and textures; and… think about this… you can play it anywhere. Nothing is out of bounds as long as it applies to the industry and company you have your eye on.

  • Make your copy be outstanding
    • Besides making sure there are no grammar and spelling mistakes in your copy, you must give a lot of thought to the text and words you are going to employ.

    • A clever play on words can really grab someone’s attention  and incite them to hire you, because it shows what a candidate is capable of doing.

    • It is a good idea to read what you write out loud, since you will be able to see your writing from a different angle, and you will be compelled to think about the impact your choice of words has.

    • Think of using different fonts to make your keywords stand out in the video; this is a subtle and elegant way of drawing the viewer’s attention to them.

    • If you are not a very skilled writer, consider hiring professional resume writing services to ensure your CV is at the top in quality and effectiveness. Never underestimate the impact a word can have!        

Mark Doyle writes articles for cv writing service