10 best shows on Youtube.
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Sep 16, 2011

10 best shows on Youtube.

Not long ago we talked about the 10 best TV networks on Youtube.
 This time we're going to be checking out some web original series, found on Youtube

Some of my favorite shows in the Comedy Section =)
College Humor Originals. College Humor makes parodies and fan vids of all the things geeks love. Videogames, pop-culture memes, and contemporary media 'stuff'.

Most awesome from BREAK I sometimes feel bad for laughing at these videos. =D
I just came across Fred, he claims to be a lonely six year old using his mother's camera, on Youtube. And getting the most views in the comedy section =D

"call him what you will.. just don't call him an apple, he hates that."
It's one of the most popular shows in the Entertainment section. Annoying Orange

The Onion - parody/sarcastic news =P

Real News:

The Young Turks
"The biggest online news station"
A progressive/liberal news channel that has become the most viewed online news show in the world.

Auto Tune the News

What happens when you autotune the news and make it into a music video, funny?

I usually find autotuning pretty silly. But I can't help but enjoy the Auto Tuned news videos, and also the Symphony of Science series by Melodysheep, it's pretty epic!

At the top of the Action & Adventure list, we find two Minecraft shows.
Minecraft Family Adventures and Minecraft PSAs

And two shows I love, Cartoon Fails by BREAK
and Human Weapon from History Channel; showing full episodes!

In Human Weapon, HISTORY follows mixed martial artist Jason Chambers and former football pro Bill Duff across the globe to learn the history, style, and methodology behind 16 unique forms of combat."

What are your favorite youtube shows?
Leave a comment about some shows you think deserve some attention, or anything. =)

Nickolai Gibson

This article was written by Nickolai Gibson. A Tubeblogger and video editor who loves video gaming, technology, and YouTube videos.

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