Video Bloggers affected by the "10 strikes" Bill
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Aug 17, 2011

Video Bloggers affected by the "10 strikes" Bill

The Bill S. 978  or "10 strikes" bill makes it illegal to stream any copyrighted content in the background of your videos. In fact, if you are caught doing it more than 10 times you will be charged with a felony. The bill is somewhat vague and apparently says you can't be playing music in the background while videoblogging, or make videos with soda in the background, or you'll go to prison!

Many online communities, and even big networks like Machinima are affected by this decision.
Youtubers make movies and shows using game footage, and I don't think the game creators usually mind. It all brings exposure to their games and companies.
And there are literally millions of indie and upcoming singers on Youtube creating cover songs, using  beats/instrumentals that might be copyrighted.

Youtube has recently set it up so that these videos have a link to the original musicians channels, and sometimes a purchasable iTunes or Amazon download, so I don't think the owners of the original tunes complained much either.

Videobloggers are urged to oppose this bill! Write your congressmen, or Watch this video/Demand Progress to help.

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