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Aug 14, 2011

Google+ Now with Games

Been testing Google+ since the beginning and wrote some about it here on Tubeblogger.

A group of new (and old) Games have been added to the new social network by Google!
If you're already on Google+ check out the new Games button (to the far right in the picture above).

Some new and classic favorites like AngryBirds and Bejeweled showed up in the group, along with some RTS (real time strategy) games I haven't tried before, City of Wonder, Edgeworld, and some others.
All the games I've tried so far have a bit of the social network added into the gameplay. They have an online chat, you can attack or cooperate with other players, and you can share your score to your wall or circle of people you've added on G+ .
Click the picture above and check it out now. If you need a G+ invite let me know. I have some left. 

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