10 Best TV Channels on Youtube
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Aug 29, 2011

10 Best TV Channels on Youtube

Want to watch TV online? Youtube has become one of the leading providers of movies and television. Some of these channels are getting more views just on Youtube than many broadcasting companies get from television subscribers!

Here are Ten of the biggest Television Networks on Youtube.

Discovery has several Youtube channels. Science Channel is one of my favorites; though it's not getting as many views as Animal Planet, or as TLC the reality show network.

Current takes pride in "engaging with the audience", which is being reflected on Youtube with the Viral Video Filmschool, etc.

Shows full episodes of a few of their TV originals, and lots of other nice clips and playlists made for Youtube.


Crackle shows a lot of full episodes AND movies, thats what we like! =D
A cool collection of TV & Originals.

Covering everything from news to nature, but not many full/long episodes of stuff on this Youtube channel, though. BBC is the original home of Top Gear who now have their own popular Youtube channel.

You get to see full episodes of some of the (very) short shows, some made for Youtube only; other than that, there's about a thousand clips, trailers, etc. - like appetizers!

Mostly a promotional channel with 'snippets' , though it has a lot of news,  and some short shows edited for Youtube that are pretty good.

Your favorite babysitter is also on Youtube! No full episodes of anything though, so your kids might get a bit frustratet unless you also have cable TV

A network for geeks and gamers that seems 'made' for Youtube, in my opinion.
But it's mostly short clips and promotional material for the TV channel.


The Music Television station is split into some (smaller) channels like MTV Roadies (India), Coke Studio @ MTV, MTV's Fear,  Hip Hop Open Minded, and POPZILLA which hasn't been very active in a while.

The leading music video channel on Youtube seems to be VEVO.

Also several news networks are on Youtube. From Al Jazeera on one side of the planet, to Fox News on the other; pretty much every big station and network is using Youtube to spread their word and gain viewers, or trying to. =D

Check out youtube.com/shows - when you hover over one of the thumbnails on the page it will say how many clips and episodes etc. The good ones have Episodes, and not just clips. =D

Internet Killed TV
The BEST of the best on Youtube however does not come from Television networks, but from 'Web Originals', or shows that were made on Youtube; in my opinion. We have featured many of those here. Stay tuned for more of the top shows on Youtube (web originals), featured here on Tube Blogger!

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