EmbedPlus - A Powerful YouTube Enhancement Tool
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Jul 2, 2011

EmbedPlus - A Powerful YouTube Enhancement Tool

If you’ve ever wanted more playback options from YouTube, check out the EmbedPlus third-party tool for enhancing your video embeds. Simply put, it upgrades YouTube embeds with a number of features that are currently unsupported by the standard player like: DVD-like controls, real-time Internet reactions, third-party annotations, and movable zoom. One particularly unique and interesting feature is Sweet Spot Marking which analyzes discussions about a video to mark the best parts to watch.

It’s quite easy to use. Given a YouTube link and a few seconds, the wizard generates enhanced embed code to paste as usual. EmbedPlus is also friendly with WordPress YouTube Plugins. Click here to see an example integration by plug-in developer David Artiss.

Currently, EmbedPlus is also exploring the idea of integrating videos with some of the common things that people do on the web. Have you ever searched for how to pronounce a word? The EmbedPlus team has just built a multimedia pronunciation dictionary and English word usage API. Search for a word and not only get an audio pronunciation but also tagged videos of real people speaking and using the word in context. Start here by watching videos of how to pronounce gyro, salmon, and meme; three cases of often mispronounced words.