Google is about to run your life
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Jun 1, 2011

Google is about to run your life

You wake up in the morning and check your Google Voice, which keeps all your text messages and voicemails in one place, then your Google Mail. Google already knows what mails are important and what is sent to the trash, etc. A reminder shows up from your Google Tasks that you need to go grocery shopping. So you check the new Google Deals program to see if there are any deals nearby for what you need, and there is!

You get in your car and turn on your phones Google Maps for navigation. Once you reach the store, Google Latitude might ask if you want to check in and rate the place. But maybe you'll do that once you get home, had your breakfast, and you're relaxing with some Google TV.
On the way home you wind off with some music from your phone, you have synced all your music now with Google Music Beta, so all the stuff on your computer is also on your phone!
And you could always go to Youtube Top Charts (Google) to find some new music.
But I have a feeling the first thing you're gonna do once you get home is write about all this in your Google Blog, or make a Google vlog (youtube) about it, because it's pretty awesome after all!