Get Free Media from Youtube Creative Commons Videos !
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Jun 5, 2011

Get Free Media from Youtube Creative Commons Videos !

Image representing Creative Commons as depicte...Image via CrunchBaseNow you can choose from a huge selection of videos to use for your editing projects!

Over 10,000 videos are already available to be used for free in the Creative Commons Library accessible through the Youtube Video Editor!
 Just log into Youtube go to the Youtube Editor and click the CC tab to browse or search through the selection of free videos to edit into your projects.

Youtube Users like yourself can now mark your videos with a Creative Commons Attributions license which makes it possible for others to reuse your content, as long as they give you credit (which is added automatically under the video they make).
Youtube recently announced that they're working with several production, news stock footage companies etc. to get more content!

"We’re working with organizations like C-SPAN,, Voice of America, Al Jazeera"
To get started, visit and select the CC tab:

Get more Youtube Videomaking tips here at TubeBlogger by clicking the Youtube Tips (picture) Link to the right.

Good luck with your videomaking!