Social Network Game - Empire Avenue - Buy/Trade shares in friends or celebs
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May 4, 2011

Social Network Game - Empire Avenue - Buy/Trade shares in friends or celebs

Just tried out this awesome new social network game called Empire Avenue.
It basically works like this.: When you join you'll be worth e10 (10 Empire Avenue credits). Your share, that is, will be worth that much, a share you name by creating a "Ticker Symbol".
Then, as you connect your Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn, and Flickr, your value will increase.
And it doesn't stop increasing there, as you probably guessed, your online influence and activity will increase your value. Your Tweets/Followers, Your posts on Facebook or fan pages, as well as how many likes you get, etc.

So the trick is to buy shares from new users who will connect their accounts, and are active on them.
You'll also get paid dividends, so look for some Big Boys (sites or celebs) with a steady record of increase, who pay around .70 per share, per day, that's a good payback.

You can use your Empire money to advertise your sites or profiles, buy trinkets etc. Maybe in the future sometime we can convert the Empire money to real money.

Don't forget to buy some shares in TubeBlogger after you sign up. My Ticker symbol is too the right on the blog for now, also. I've been on the increase since I joined today, so it can't hurt to buy! :) Subscribe to the Video Game Category from TubeBlogger! You'll get the latest stories by RSS, meaning the latest posts tagged "Video Games", by email or in your favorite RSS reader.