The Last Social Media Marketing Tool
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May 16, 2011

The Last Social Media Marketing Tool

Although some of the die-hard Facebook fans may disagree, statistics continue to show that even though more users on Facebook actually follow a brand, users on Twitter who do follow a brand are much more likely to purchase that product or service.

So while the more relaxing pace of Facebook marketing may seem like it would be more practical, in fact, Twitter's more quickly streaming short shot messages appear to be more effective social media marketing campaign elements.

“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.” ~Mark Twain

So while we may have nailed down which is the more productive social media network for selling your brand, how do we nail down those light-speed Tweets so we can see just what in the digital world is going on in there?

The short answer is that we don't. Once your account has reached a few hundred followers you may find yourself overwhelmed with trying to keep up. Once that account has begun to reach multi-thousands of followers, you're just going to end up stark-raving mad if you keep trying to keep up. So of course, we then turn to our handiest tricks-of-the-trade, our social media marketing tools.

Cut to the Chase! What tool really works the best?

For that question, there is absolutely no short answer. Personally, I investigate, study, and review tons of social media marketing tools every year.

Set Up Your Own Campaign!

Seen this, been there, done that. Although a tool here or there does seem to take it the extra mile by providing campaign or project tracking capabilities, they always seem to fall short somewhere else. Limited tagging, all the services you need just over the line between free and another over-priced tool, just a few common issues.

Tweet, Re-Tweet, Like, Reply, Favorite, or Just in General Show Love....

Many tools once again make all of these multi-tasking claims to fame only to find out that really, one element, or tiny morsel of a reward are dangled before you if you will just link to them, download their browser bar (virus!), change your homepage, install their software (trojans!), or dance a quick jig and upload it to YouTube. (Well, I wouldn't be surprised, would you?)

Press Your Luck

Lucky for you, if you are here you are about to get a big heads-up. Head to Netvani while they still have some beta accounts lingering around, and grab yourself one. Sign up is only a few quick fields away. (No Facebook or Twitter integration yet but give them a break, you just wait and see!)

The Wait is Over

Campaign, or Project creation as far as Netvani is concerned, is not only completed integrated to set up, but also provides all of those previously before promised mega piles of tools-in-one, but this time, actually keeps the promise.

Users can monitor trends in their competitors brands, their own or the competitions keywords, or even product advertising sharing such as in Tweets, Re-Tweets, Likes, and other forms of interaction on the consumer end.

  • Fully customizable multiple social networking site management.
  • Precise intelligence reports.
  • Really, this is just the incredibly short list. The point is, this tool actually does have a long list, and considering it is in its beta phase, it is hard to imagine how impressive it just may become.
It really does take quite an impression made on my social media marketing tool reviewing brain for me to even repeat a tool, share its link on my social media sites, or suggest anyone use it instead of their own preferred method.

I do believe that everyone who practices social media marketing for any niche may have their own productive and compelling method that keeps them going, but I think that those who are very serious about their social media marketing campaigns will regret not jumping in while there are free accounts to be had.

Author Bio: Full-Time Freelance Writer and Editor for Puglisi Consulting Group, Joy Lynskey specializes in Technology, SEM, SMM, and other elements of Internet Marketing.She manages a content writing business as well as a Freelance Writers Education Blog.