How To Download Videos + Convert Video To Mp3
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May 7, 2011

How To Download Videos + Convert Video To Mp3

How to download Youtube videos and music from the web

Have you been looking for ways to save a video you just watched and keep it as an Mp3? There have been some tools that do this, and stopped working on and off, as youtube changed their code for example. This current list of sites/programs should work. This list could be a useful bookmark if you're looking for the latest sites or plugins that work.

Three easy ways to download media:

  1. Use an extension for your browser.
  2. An Extension is a program you install in your Google Chrome or Firefox (called Addons), etc., one I like, with the not so amazing name of "Easy Youtube Video Downloader", works on both Firefox and Chrome! After installing it adds a button like this (picture) to every youtube video you visit, so you can easily click and download in whatever format you wish.
  3. Use Your Media Player
  4. Have you seen what your regular media player has to offer? Some of them can convert and save in different formats. Or maybe it's just on Macs... =D If you get the latest RealPlayer it should come with the RP Downloader, which pops up when you're watching a video on a site, and gives you the option to download the video. Then you can use the RP Converter that comes with the package also, to convert the .flv to music files.
  5. Quick and easy on Video Droid,
    or "Youtube Droid" as it's headlined, you input the url of a video and it converts it to MP3, and gives you a download link. Quick and easy if you prefer not to install anything to your browser (on a work computer, etc. ?)

    Some other sites that also work (sometimes):,, and
Hope this helps with whatever you're trying to do. Remember that downloading music by musicians who are also trying to sell their CDs is considered illegal.