Google adds "Google Music" and Youtube Upgrades!
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May 13, 2011

Google adds "Google Music" and Youtube Upgrades!

Google Music Beta and New Youtube Top Charts.
With Google Music (still in beta) Google steps up in the online music selling and sharing industry, currently dominated by iTunes; and with online storage of your music and playlists, which we used our 'Cloud Drive's for, or, and added apps and stuff (to our Androids) to stream our music anywhere.

Now Google does it all.

  • You can find the top music (videos) easier than with iTunes by going to the new Youtube Charts. Or searching music (Youtube - Music shows up first)

  • You can sync your music from your computer (or your online cloud drive) to your phone etc. wirelessly. And from anywhere. (now what, iPhone?)

  • And of course buying and selling music.